designed by eduard gray

Xhibitionist: An Extravagant Super Yacht Concept

Federico Tibytt

With a futuristic design and art nouveau details, this giant trimaran boasts the aesthetics of a luxury sports supercar.

Eduard Gray, the Swedish designer of supercars and luxury yachts, presents his new marine concept: the Xhibitionist. The mega yacht was conceived as a multifunctional space with all the amenities to hold large events, including car exhibitions onboard.

The Xhibitionist is a giant trimaran—230 feet long by 62 feet wide—specially designed following the aesthetics of a luxury sports supercar. This exceptional vessel can comfortably accommodate a restaurant with capacity for 350 guests, a stunning ballroom, casino, showroom, catwalk for fashion shows plus a bar or nightclub. The large space in the main hall allows for a luxurious modular and multifunctional layout.

Just like the legendary Batmobile, the Xhibitionist’s exterior looks like an enormous floating supercar. It boasts an oversized hull and a folding platform made of massive solar panels that provide power to the vessel, feeding both the lighting and the electric motors. This generous esplanade can also be used as a heliport with space for three helicopters or as a big stage for outdoor concerts and performances. Read more about the latest super yachts.


The interior decor is clearly influenced by the art nouveau style. The designers placed special attention on the aesthetic treatment of the windows, Baccarat lighting fixtures, polished marble floors on the central walkway, double staircase and a Steinway piano that crowns the great hall. As a nautical option capable of fulfilling different roles, this eccentric yacht seeks to captivate entrepreneurs and companies that use their boats not only for pleasure but also as a business platform when necessary.

The Turkish shipyard Ned Ship Group, responsible for building the vessel, announced the launch of a very powerful and totally electric motorization. This type of drive will reduce the sound level of the engines to a minimum while still providing the best performance. In addition, the majestic yacht features an inverted trimaran configuration that ensures stability and a smooth and pleasant cruising experience.


And for the delight of engineers and mechanics, the Xhibitionist’s motors are located behind glass walls in the engine room. This unique feature allows easy access for maintenance since the propellers are visible at all times. The Xhibitionist is an innovative approach to luxury marine travel.

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