A Wristwatch To Control Your Car, A New Tv From Apple… The Latest, Most Interesting Gadgets

Federico Tibytt

The smart watch by Mercedes-Benz, the highly anticipated Apple television system, the big screen TV from Samsung and a $70,000 Ping-Pong table could be in your next wish-list, at least for the beginning of the year.

In the race for the title of best and most luxurious “gadget” of the year, it is difficult to select a winner. The decision will always depend on tastes and preferences. However, we would like to present some that might be desirable for their originality, functionality, design and good taste—or all of the above. We suggest them, but the choice is yours.

The Smart Watch by Mercedes-Benz

New Technological Gadgets

In partnership with Pebble Technology, a California-based mobile tech company, Mercedes Benz will market, this year, a smart watch compatible with Digital Drive Style, the original application used by the German brand in its latest models. The wristwatch will be in constant connection with the car, whether you’re inside or outside. From any place, you can always check the fuel level, see if the doors are properly locked and even locate your Mercedes when you don’t remember where you parked it. Once inside the car, the watch will alert you if there are traffic obstructions on the road and will allow you to activate the Siri voice control system. Furthermore, all the functions on your Mercedes smart key will be transferred to the smart watch, adding multimedia interaction with the onboard computer.

Apple TV Becomes a Reality

New Technological Gadgets

For several years, the iconic Silicon Valley company has been flirting with the television industry, announcing the development of their own systems and devices. Steve Jobs had a very clear vision of it: “I would like to create a comprehensive and user friendly television system. It should be perfectly synchronized with all user devices, and with iCloud. Its interface should be as simple as possible to avoid the need of complicated remote controls. ” Now, the company has announced the launch of a TV set that will work mainly with the Siri voice recognition system, and will include gesture recognition, multimedia and internet center, among other features. The details on its aesthetic design have not yet been revealed, but it is believed it would be based on the prototypes created by Martin Hajek and Andrew Ambrosino, who designed very elegant curved models for Apple. In principle, the TV sets would be available only in 32 and 37 inches, which go against the market trend of offering increasingly larger models. However, the brand’s faithful followers are waiting for the arrival of the new TVs with characteristic enthusiasm.

Samsung´s Giant

New Technological Gadgets

Samsung has just put on sale the biggest TV set in the market. With 110 inches diagonal, ultra high definition and priced at $150,000, this Godzilla of televisions has gesture control, voice control, access to Samsung Smart Hub with all kinds of multimedia applications and the new Samsung Recommendation service, which recommends programing options according to personal preferences and content that may be of interest to the owner. This giant is only sold through special orders, and currently it is only available for purchase in China, the Middle East and some European countries.

A Luxury Ping-Pong Table

New Technological Gadgets

Eleven Ravens, a company based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to the construction of Ping-Pong tables of the highest quality, design and technology, has announced that this year, it will surprise everyone with its new model Stealth Premier, created by Bernard Semerjian, design director of the firm and passionate fan of table tennis. The spectacular table is inspired by the impressive Nighthawk Stealth Bomber, and it was built with the same materials used for the construction of the famous aircraft: naval aluminum and carbon fiber. Each of the five copies for sale will be numbered and personally signed by the designer at a cost $70,000.

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