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Artisanal Wood Bicycles, The Latest In Cycling

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The Spanish company Cyclowood makes unique bicycles from precious woods such as ash, teak, walnut and cedar. It takes more than 80 hour just to apply the varnish.

In the small town of Verin, in Orense, Spain, a company with more than seven decades in the market has assumed the task of producing a unique product: state-of-the-arts handcrafted bicycles made with noble woods such as ash, teak, walnut and cedar.Wood Bicycles
Cyclowood‘s business project is an interesting idea, conceived by a group of professionals with proven carpentry experience, who came up with a new way of making bicycle frames. After more than four years of work, researching various types of wood as well as testing technical solutions, their bikes are now considered unique pieces with an international presence.

The exclusive Cyclowood frames can last many years. Only trees from sustainable forests are used in the construction of each piece. The firm takes great care to ensure the physical and mechanical properties of wood, a natural fiber, know for its hardness, strength and flexibility. The result is a superb product: light, stable and beautiful.

Wood Bicycles
Wood Bicycles
The wood undergoes very stringent processes to obtain absolute consistency. The materials, as well as the finishing touches applied to the wood, are of top quality and proven effectiveness. A team of specialized professionals brings the latest technologies to deliver products of impeccable design and craftsmanship.

Cyclowood bikes come in different frame sizes, but the company also offers alternative custom made bicycles for particular clients. The frame manufacturing process consists of multiple stages, from the selection of the wood and the ultra-steaming and drying with high-frequency electric current, to their rigorous physical-mechanical control, and quality finishes.

Wood Bicycles

These bicycles are made to order and the manufacturing time depends on many factors. For example, just applying the varnish could easily take seventy or eighty hours. In addition, each unit that leaves the factory is engraved with an identification code that facilitates communication between the company and its customer.

Cyclowood produces four bike models: road, mountain and city.

Wood Bicycles
Priced starting at $3,200, the environmentally friendly Cyclowood bike is perfect for nature lovers and for those who recognize and value precision, elegance and craftsmanship.

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