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Wider 165: Luxury, Comfort, And Environmental Awareness

Federico Tibytt

With spectacular indoor and outdoor spaces and a hybrid engine that generates very low emissions and requires less fuel, the Wider 165 bets on technology, innovation and sustainability without overlooking luxury and comfort.

Founded in 2010, Wider is an Italian shipyard that burst onto the international shipbuilding scene with superyacht concepts that offer splendid avant-garde designs and cutting edge technology. A clear example is the celebrated Wider 165, one of the most outstanding vessels presented at the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show 2015, held in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Wider 165

The spectacular 165-foot yacht–considered the largest project to date by the Italian firm–joins the elite group of coveted customized superyachts with features that set her apart from the competition.

Like its predecessor—the Wider 150— the new project boasts a hybrid engine (diesel/electric), which allows her to navigate using less fuel and generating subtle levels of harmful emissions. The Wider 165 also has an incredible maximum range of 5,000 nautical miles (almost 9,300 kilometers). With a cruising speed of 11 knots, it can reach up to 15 knots in hybrid mode and a cruising speed of 5 knots in ZEM electrical mode, without emissions.

Wider 165

The ultramodern engine of the Wider 165 is not only ecological and convenient but also takes up much less space than conventional engines. Traditionally, the engines in ships of this size are located in the central part of the hull to make use of the point of greatest breadth and balance. In contrast, in the Wider 165, the engine cabin is located towards the lower aft, leaving ample room for splendid interior spaces.

With all this extra room, the Wider 165 offers vast and generous surroundings for its ten passengers and five crew members. The third level has a spacious leisure deck with solarium and Jacuzzi. Behind the bridge, a cozy living room that communicates with the aft deck provides a harmonious integration of the ship´s interior with its outdoor areas.

The master stateroom is located on the second level towards the bow. It takes over the entire width of the yacht and accommodates dressing rooms, en-suite bathroom, private study, sitting area and an exclusive retractable balcony that can unfold over the sea surface. Towards the aft, we find the main salon, the dining room and two areas with comfortable armchairs, as well as a small deck that leads to the back gangplank through a set of stairs.

Wider 165
Wider 165
Wider 165

All the space created by the displacement of the engine is efficiently used in the ship’s lower level. Here you can find the spectacular stern beach club, a large platform with a gangplank and deployable balconies. The rear hood can be opened to launch the complementary water toys including a small submarine and a superb—specially designed—motorboat, leaving enough room for a saltwater swimming pool, which is a luxury hard to find in other vessels the same size. Also on the lower level, but towards the center of the hull, you’ll find the other VIP cabins and two additional double cabins, all with en-suite bathrooms.

Undoubtedly, the Wider 165 is a modern luxury vessel, built by a young Italian shipyard that through technology, innovation, sustainability and comfort, will expand and change the industry.

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