Vulcain 50s President’s “Pegasus”: Luxury And Distinction To Celebrate The Year Of The Horse

J.M. Towers

Luxury watchmaker Vulcain presents a limited edition of only 18 pieces. The 50S President's "Pegasus" will have engraved, on its dial, the image of the mythological Greek winged horse.

To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Horse and the opening of its first boutique in Beijing, the Swiss luxury watchmaker Vulcain presented, at Baseworld 2014, their mega glazed limited edition collection of the new 50S President’s “Pegasus”. The beautiful watch features the mythical and divine winged stallion represented in pure white. More luxury watches.

Vulcain 50S President’s Pegasus

More than a century and a half of watchmaking passion precede the prestigious Swiss company. Founded in 1858 by the Ditisheim brothers, it quickly achieved an enviable respect for manufacturing complex watches that received important awards at world exhibitions.

Vulcain launched the first alarm mechanism in a wristwatch, which soon became famous worldwide. The legendary Cricket caliber had become notorious even before taking its place in the history books as “the watch of presidents”. Several American presidents, including Eisenhower, Truman, Nixon and Johnson, wore Vulcain wristwatches, a milestone that gave the brand its enormous reputation. But the technical qualities of the Vulcain watches also attracted 20th century explorers and adventurers, as they were chosen for famous sea and mountain expeditions.

Vulcain 50S President’s Pegasus

The new 50S President’s “Pegasus” comes in two models: In the Sky and On the Mountain. Priced at $55,560, each model is individually numbered and limited to only 18 pieces. Its 42 mm case, made with 18K pink gold, comes with a sapphire crystal in the shape of a dome, and in the back of the box, a sapphire reveals a stylized “V” for Vulcain.

The unique watch features an automatic winding movement caliber Cricket V-20 with alarm function, ceramic ball bearings, 31 jewels, 229 parts, double barrel, frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour and power reserve of 42 hours. It is decorated with rhodium coating, Côtes de Genève motifs and blue screws. A black belt of Louisiana alligator skin with pink gold buckles completes the luxurious watch.

Vulcain 50S President’s Pegasus

The dial boasts Cloisonne Grand Feu enamel, which allows extreme design precision and exceptional color quality. Its difficulty lies in the thoroughness and patience required to execute the designs in fine gold wires, barely thicker than a hair, that outline the object and prevent the colors from mixing.

The 50S President’s “Pegasus” by Vulcain is much more than a fashion accessory: it is an icon of prestige, distinction, technology and impeccable taste.

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