200 hp on an electric motorcycle

Voxam Wattman: The World’s Most Powerful Electric Motorcycle

Federico Tibytt

It is possible to combine ecology and fun in a motorcycle. French brand Voxan introduces its new model Wattman, an electric bike with 200 horsepower and impressive acceleration.

What comes to mind when we think about electric motorcycles are urban, efficient, quiet, convenient and above all environmentally friendly vehicles. But for some time what has been presented in the main trade shows are fully electric prototypes that offer the same benefits as the large speed or road bikes.

Voxan Wattman

This is the case of the new model launched by the French firm Voxan. In the last edition of the Paris Motorcycle Show, in December 2013, they presented their new Voxam Wattman, an electric bike with an output of 200 horsepower that has become the mightiest electric bike in the world.

At first glance, this colossus on two wheels looks like a vehicle taken from a superhero movie, but it is far from a fantasy, as it offers a real acceleration of 0-100 mph in just 5.9 seconds and a maximum speed of 105 miles per hour. With a recharge time of only 30 minutes, it features a practical range of 112 miles, and all this without making the slightest noise. The only sounds the pilot will hear are the wind and the imposing tires rolling on the pavement.

Voxan Wattman

From an aesthetic point of view, Wattman reveals the new technologies and modern design ideas intended for their new models, trying to compete with the big traditional brands such as Honda, BMW and Ducati among others.

The new proposal has an aluminum exoskeleton, which is the main frame of the motorcycle and supports the components of the power train, including the batteries, engine, cooling system and dampers.

Voxan Wattman

A clear example of the innovative techniques used in the Voxan Wattman is the new horizontal rear suspension with dual swing, which emerges from the body of the batteries inside the chassis giving it an impeccable elegance and remarkable stability.

“The Wattman is a demonstration of the love I feel for motorcycles, the only object that defies the laws of gravity and balance, and offers an enjoyment few vehicles can,” says Sacha Lakic, creator of the innovative design. “The aluminum covering the batteries is the hallmark of its design. From it, you can deduce that this is an electrical machine.”

This new eco-friendly, powerful and lovely toy is not mass produced, but built and handcrafted only to order, making each copy a unique piece. Its price starts at about $48,000.

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