An extraordinary watercraft

The V8 Wet Rod Jet Ski: A Refined Watercraft To Ride The Waves-

Walter Raymond

With the V8 Wet Rod, jet skis are no longer a practical addition or a toy to enjoy at the beach. They will become luxury items and artworks, appreciated by connoisseurs and admired by the public.

With its V8 Wet Rod Jet Ski, naval designer Kurt Strand has transformed the personal watercraft into a precious luxury item. Owner and president of the yacht and car-manufacturing firm Strand Craft, the entrepreneur unveiled a jet ski with a 5.7-liter V8 engine and 300 horsepower, which can reach a top speed of 65 mph. Its refined and streamlined exterior is made of carbon fiber, and the interior design highlights the use of precious woods.

V8 Wet Rod Jet Ski

With stylized lines, the V8 Wet Rod Jet Ski incorporates convenient features such as a watertight icebox under the seat and a waterproof luggage compartment. In addition, the craft comes with an impressive sound system, GPS navigator and other optional elements such as inlaid wood or carbon fiber and chrome engine applications. Several editions of this model will be built according to the various requirements of law enforcement and security, whether of the police, coastguard, rescue teams or firefighters.

V8 Wet Rod Jet Ski

Strand Craft Design is having a significant impact on the traditional watercraft industry and positions its new aquatic toy as an advantage in front of the competition. In fact, according to experts the V8 Rod Wet Jet Ski is at the same level of excellence as Maserati, Ferrari or Porsche are in motor-sports.

The firm remains true to its style with this extraordinary watercraft. If there is any doubt, just take a look at their world-renowned catalog of super yachts and stylized seafaring boats of the highest quality. Since its founding in 2003, the company has devoted its efforts to the pursuit of perfection, paying particular attention to extreme luxury, beauty and performance in their products.

V8 Wet Rod Jet Ski

The V8 Wet Rod is a historic shift in its industry. After this launch, jet skis will no longer be just a practical addition and a toy to enjoy the beaches. They will become luxury items and artworks, appreciated by connoisseurs and admired by the public.

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