Unique And Unforgettable Gifts For Them

Heike Söns

Three exclusive and original offers to surprise a man. An elegant retro bicycle, a sophisticated technology savvy surfboard and a work of art, shaped as a samurai sword.

These three original gifts for men, have been selected by their exclusive design, the most advanced technology and the excellence and passion with which they were created. Surely one of them—or perhaps all three—will arouse your interest.

Paris on two wheels

No man can resist a design made to order. Since 1895, the Parisian brand Berluti, now part of the LVMH luxury emporium, has been renowned for its tailor-made footwear. This year the brand celebrates its long history joining the firm Victoire Cycles to create a new concept of custom-made bikes. The result is a product that combines the latest technology with handcrafted manufacturing and a design that will never go out of style. Inspired by the old bicycles used for door to door deliveries in the early twentieth century, this sleek bike has a welded frame finished in bronze with black varnish, wooden wheels and aluminum handlebars. For more exclusivity, Alessandro Sartori, creative director of Berluti, has designed a leather wallet that attaches to the frame, leather straps for the pedals and a stylish pair of leather shoes with soles specially adapted for the biker. Available at the Berluti boutiques in Paris, New York, London and Tokyo, or through Victoire Cycles . More retro bikes here.

Over the Waves

Gifts for him

For those who prefer the crest of a wave to feel alive, there is an exclusive surfboard designed by the engineers at Mercedes-Benz and surfer Garrett McNamara. Guinness record holder for having conquered the largest wave ever in Nazaré, Portugal, McNamara knows what it takes to survive the tidal force. “For certain types of waves you have to design a special surf board,” he says. The result is Silver Arrow of the Seas, a series of four surfboards equipped with a built-in tracking system capable of measuring the speed at which the surfer rides on the waves. The boards have the flexibility required to absorb the blows of the biggest waves, softening the impact force.

Aikushi, the samurai swords

Each samurai sword is a work of art. However, not only is the extreme thinness of the blade which makes it a unique object, but the way the rest of the piece is decorated. Considered as the ultimate expression of Japanese excellence, the traditional samurai swords comes back to the present through the reinterpretation of the Wow studio from Japan, which recently recruited a team of craftsmen and blacksmiths to create the epitome of this oriental skill. With designer Marc Newson in charge of the project, the series manufactured in the historical region of Tohokuse is limited to only 10 copies. Baptized with the name Aikushi, as the designers explain, these swords are considered more an ornamental work of art than a weapon, merging two completely different cultures.

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