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Ulysse Nardin: Swiss Exclusivity Arrives To New York

Heike Söns

For the opening of its New York boutique, Ulysse Nardin presents unique pieces and limited editions watches such as the Stranger, the Big Unit and the Night's Watch.

The Swiss watchmaking firm Ulysse Nardin is rejoicing. It recently celebrated the opening of its third boutique in the United States, this time in New York City. “This city is a window, a window to the world,” said Patrik Hoffmann, CEO of the company founded in 1846. Located at the Ritz Carlton hotel, opposite the famous Central Park, the new boutique will present a collection of over one hundred of the brand´s finest timepieces, including several limited edition models.

Ulysse Nardin

This inauguration joins the grand opening of two more boutiques in Genoa and Singapore. “We are delighted to expand our brand and continue venturing into the U.S. market,” said Nelson Lucero, vice president of sales and marketing for Ulysse Nardin. “New York collectors are very passionate, and we couldn’t wait to provide them a new location where they will not only find limited edition pieces, but also experience the traditional high quality process and innovation of our brand.”

The new boutique in the Big Apple is designed to celebrate the firm’s nautical tradition, using anchors as ornamental elements. Among the limited editions featured at the store, Blue Bull, Freak Diavolo, Blue Executive Dual Time and Diver get the most attention. In the near future, the company plans to unveil several exclusive watches for men.

Ulysse Nardin Opens a New Boutique in the Big Apple

For music lovers, the firm has also included the Stranger watch, the first chronograph that is also a music box and plays the song Strangers in the Night, immortalized by the great Frank Sinatra. Sports fans will be delighted with the Big Unit, an exclusive piece launched in conjunction with baseball legend Randy Johnson. And finally, the New York boutique collection includes the acclaimed Night’s Watch, created exclusively for the popular television series Game of Thrones.

Ulysse Nardin Opens a New Boutique in the Big Apple
Big Unit.

Ulysse Nardin also brought to Nee York some of their best-selling watches as well as their most recent creations. Displayed in the central showcase is the Schooner watch, which, with a price of $15,500 and a limited edition of only 50 copies is considered one of the strongest watched produced by the legendary firm.

Ulysse Nardin Opens a New Boutique in the Big Apple
Night’s Watch.

For more than 160 years, Ulysse Nardin has remained one of the undisputed leaders in the business. Their exclusive timepieces, presented in limited numbers, are handmade in Switzerland by a team of 250 skilled craftsmen. It is this dedication that has distinguished the firm since its founding and a reminder of why their pieces are always among the most sought after by fans and collectors.

Ulysse Nardin has 18 boutiques worldwide, and although the opening of its new branch looks like the beginning of a massive expansion, the brand will, certainly, maintain its iconic and exclusive character.

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