Triumph Street Triple RS 2017: History Meets Modernity

Federico Tibytt

Triumph introduces an amazing mixed motorcycle (for the city or circuit) featuring excellent performance for all circumstances.

Triumph motorcycles are the favorite of riders who love elegant and sporty reliability with a great personality. The British brand launched a new edition of its Street Triple line for 2017 that highlights the new and powerful RS, equipped with 123 horsepower and a 765 cc tri-cylindrical engine.

Triumph Street Triple RS

The company was founded in 1902 as a subsidiary of Triumph Engineering. Its fastest growing period took place during World War I when they manufactured more than 30,000 units for the British government. Nevertheless, its greatest popularity finally arrived in the 1950s with the creation of the Bonneville model with 650 ccs, which achieved several speed records. This iconic design remains to this day one of its best-selling products and one of the most sought after among vintage motorcycle collectors.

The irruption of Asian brands in the international market of the early 1980s meant a severe economic crisis for Triumph, which closed its doors in 1983. Businessman John Bloor acquired the trademark and image rights of the company and brought it back to life in 1984.

Since then, the brand has produced the latest state-of-the-art motorcycles, offering exceptional reliability and performance, without losing the elegance, style and classical mystique of its old models.

Triumph Street Triple RS

With the Street Triple RS, Triumph brings the highest quality on mixed motorcycles (for city or circuit driving) delivering excellent performances in all circumstances. The modern design of the new RS can be seen immediately in its front lights, with a center-extended design featuring LED headlamps, and an impressive 5” instrumental display.

From the onboard computer, riders can select various rotation modes that control the accelerator, brakes, and traction according to the conditions of the road and the benefits that the driver wants to obtain. The pilot manages these options using the buttons and joystick drive levers, located at both ends of the handle.

To guarantee a smooth, safe ride, the RS model features Brembo M50 ventilated disc brakes, adjustable Showa “Big-piston” front suspension, and high-speed responsive Ölins STX40 mono-suspension.

Triumph Street Triple RS

With the Street Triple RS, Triumph redefines the performance limits of city motorcycles and significantly modernizes the driver’s experience. It is an excellent alternative that will quickly win the hearts of all motorcycling fans.

• 765cc tri-cylindrical engine, derived from the “Daytona.”
• 123 horsepower.
• Maximum torque of 57 lb./ft.
• New exhaust system with aesthetic and acoustic treatment.
• 5-color digital instrument / onboard computer with wheel mode selector.

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