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Discover The Top 8 Renovated Retro Cars in Today’s Market

Laura Rivera

Discover the top 8 renovated retro cars in today's market in this comprehensive guide, detailing the latest changes and updates to these stylish and one of a kind vehicles. 

Discover the top 8 renovated retro cars in today’s market in this comprehensive guide, detailing the latest changes and updates to these stylish and one of a kind vehicles.

Mitsuoka Himiko

For lovers of classic cars with a touch of romance, we chose the Himiko model from Mitsuoka Motors. This elegant car imitates a classic two-seat convertible with all the luxury and comforts of a modern car. Its unique look draws car lovers from all over the world with as a result of its beautiful elongated hood, and short backside.

Himiko de Mitsuoka Motors.
Himiko of Mitsuoka Motors

The manufacturer of Himiko, Mitsuoka Motors, is a recognized Japanese automotive company that stands out for offering the latest generation cars with retro aesthetics inspired by classic English models from the 1930s to the 1960s. It manufactures its bodies by hand and with the utmost care, delivering a line of truly amazing products for its originality and unique design.

MAT Stratos

For those who prefer a retro style supercar, we chose the new Stratos manufactured by Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT). This car looks a lot like the original, with impeccable design finishes, but you will be surprised by what it has on the inside: it is based on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which means it has a V-8 under the trunk. It also looks amazing. From a certain perspective, the car looks exactly like a modern version of the old Lancia Stratos. The proportions and angles are very iconic.

Statos, from MAT

Dodge Challenger

If you are a fan of the ’70s then the Dodge Challenger is the car for you. Its appearance is almost the same as the original with four headlights, markings and profiles, making it stand out to car enthusiasts.
Dodge Challenger.
Dodge Challenger

Ford Thunderbird

Known as the legendary car that Ford created under the direction of Henry Ford II in 1953, this retro Thunderbird is very well designed and has all the comfort of a modern car while maintaining the sleek design of its predecesor.

Ford Thunderbird
Ford Thunderbird

Mitsuoka Rock Star

If you love how the new Mazda MX-5 handles but you want something that looks a bit more vintage, this Miata with a Corvette Stingray body is a very good option for you. The Rock Star is a retro car with a totally original style, designed by Mitsuoka with the latest technology and a brand new modern engine.

Mitsuoka Rock Star
Mitsuoka Rock Star


The BMW Z8, which has design details similar to the traditional 507 Roadster, has become an extremely valuable collector car in today’s car market. Its current price is around US $ 160,000 and resembles an old-style BMW gem with modern touches.

1451422671 2002 bmw z8 roadster 102
The BMW Z8

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has maintained the same legendary look from the 1964 original car, however, with the addition of an updated version of its traditional round headlights and its distinguished rear engine design, this updated version of the 911 is popular option among true retro car enthusiasts.

Porsche 911.
Porsche 911

Aston Martin Electric

Our last selection out of this group of iconic cars is the electric Aston Martin. The iconic brand of British sports cars that is known for making the iconic James Bond vehicles, recently created its first prototype of a classic collector’s car that was totally converted into a 100% ecological and emission-free electric car.

Aston Martin
Rear view of the Aston Martin DB6 electric

The Aston Martin DB6 1970 was adapted from an innovative technology called EV Cassette, which is installed in conjunction with the traditional petrol engine of the brand’s old cars, making it a lean, mean, automotive machine with the appearance of a retro car fixed with all modern appliances.  

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