A Luxury Case From Gucci, A Montblanc Pen Inspired By Grace Kelly And The Camus’ Masterpiece Collection

Heike Söns

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Everything in its place

Three objects of desire

If your collection of suitcases and trunks needs an update, Gucci offers a practical alternative that is both luxurious and stylish. Unveiled recently by the Italian firm, this new line consists of only two exclusive pieces, made by Gucci´s master craftsmen. The first, dubbed Guccissima Leather Shoe Trunk is a shoe case with a design which will complement what you wear, wherever you are. Although the firm has ranked this trunk under the category of accessories for men, no doubt many women will want to add it to their luggage collection. The second piece is the Gucci Heritage Travel Trunk, a work of art in itself. With a feminine touch, this chest is fit to store all kinds of garments. Its bold yellow color makes it stand out while the golden accents add an air of unparalleled luxury.

Natural beauty

Three objects of desire

Created to capture the elegance of Princess Grace of Monaco, the latest collection from Montblanc has surprised everyone. Featuring soft ivory hues, the writing utensils in this new line highlight delicate details that remind us of the natural beauty of Grace Kelly, an extraordinary woman who dazzled with her subtlety, even when she wore the most spectacular gowns. Each of the pieces in this series includes a rhombus pattern inspired by the coat of arms of the Principality of Monaco. Their clips are decorated with mother of pearl and pink topaz while the Montblanc logo is made with black resin. This collection is available in Montblanc boutiques worldwide, with a price of $765.

Symphony and tradition

Three objects of desire

The Camus label is internationally recognized not only for its excellent cognac, See here Cognac: The Elixir of French Greatness, but also for the audacious cases designed for their best bottles. The most recent presentation of the delightful brandy comes in a pedestal with multiple compartments, which contain five of their most emblematic bottles, known collectively as the Masterpiece Collection. Entirely conceived by the design team at Camus, it replicates the appearance of a black piano resting on just one metal leg. The piece was made in France by dedicated artisans, who spent about 300 hours working to shape and finish the unique case. According to firm ambassador Frédéric Dezauzier, the piano was chosen as the inspiration because the story of the legendary maison is tantamount to a symphony composed through 150 years of excellence and tradition.



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