Tesla Model S: The Way of The Future

Ivan Luque

The Tesla Model S is a car built around an electric power train. It can be recharged through a common 240-volt outlet or a standard 110-volt outlet–adapters for each of these are included. Superchargers–that can deliver up to 300 miles on a charge–will be installed along major interstates throughout the US, saving the owners of this model approximately $8,000 in fuel over five years.

Without a tailpipe, the Tesla Model S produces no emissions and is more efficient than any other vehicle on the road. Tesla cars can use electricity from coal, solar, hydro, geothermal, or wind power. The Model S offers three battery options–at three different prices. Each car uses automotive-grade lithium-ion cells configured for optimum energy density. With a base price of $52,400 the Model S comes equipped with a 40 kWh battery, 19 inch wheels, black textile and synthetic leather interior, 17 inch touchscreen, seven speaker sound system with AM/FM/HD radio, mobile connector, and a J1772 charging adapter.

Actor Morgan Freeman and Participant Media CEO, Jim Berk are owners of this sedan. There is a nine-month waiting list, and a reservation price of $5,000.

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