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One Million Dollar Iphone: The Exclusive Jewel By Alchemist London

J.M. Towers

How to turn one of the most popular cell phones in the market into one of the most exclusive gadgets in the world? Alchemist London has the answer: an iPhone adorned with solid 24K gold and more than 1,600 diamonds at a price of one million dollars.

Alchemist London is a world-renowned luxury brand specializing in gold plating and customizing seemingly mundane objects and turning them into exclusive works of art. Most recently, the company has concentrated in bringing an air of luxury and exclusivity to Apple gadgets like the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Review the most expensive cell phones in the market.

The million dollar iPhone

The company just put on the market a personalized iPhone with a price tag of one million dollars. Limited to just two pieces, it took them more than five months to create the beautiful gold and diamond iPhone. This jewel of modern technology, the brainchild of a large group of experienced and meticulous British goldsmiths, has a bezel made of solid 24K gold and features 1,600 flawless F grade diamonds, with a total of more than 16 carats lining the sides of the phone.

The handset comes unlocked and is able to function with any network anywhere in the world and has a lifetime warranty for any technical failure or minor damage. The main button is plated with 24K gold, and has a single-cut 2-carat. diamond. Meanwhile, the hardwood back cover is lined with 53 flawless diamonds and a 24K gold-plated Apple logo.

The “Million Dollar iPhone” is an amazing work of functional art, as Alchemist London set out to create an everyday piece that would be so incredibly luxurious it would redefine the meaning of grandeur and pageantry. It is a trendsetting inspiration and the pinnacle of luxury and ostentation for those who demand the best and most exclusive.

Alchemist London jealously guards the identity of its buyers, but there are rumors that some Kuwaiti oil tycoons and other magnates from the United Arab Emirates have shown interest in acquiring the precious gadgets.

The million dollar iPhone

For high-tech enthusiasts, tycoons who like exclusive fine jewelry or simply for those who have it all and enjoy only the finest, now might be the time to become the owner of this fabulous creation. The iPhone comes in a stylish package complete with charger, earphones and USB cable.

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