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Ferreti: The Luxury Of Sailing The Seven Seas

Ana B. Remos

Italy’s Ferreti Group introduces floating oasis of power and glamour.

Sailing the world’s oceans represents adventure, active lifestyle, enigma … and luxury. From Mykonos to Santorini, as from Palm Beach to Bimini, on sunny days, yachts and cutters take to the sea with utmost luxury and comfort. But, if you are in the market for a new yacht and want to become the captain of your own vessel, you should first consider which are the best options, according to your needs and specifications.

This time, we’ll concentrate on three of the best recreational yachts from Italy’s Ferretti Group. These maritime jewels do not exceed 90 feet in length but are authentic floating oases of luxury and power.


We’ll first explore the Pershing 82. With aerodynamic and elegant lines, this vessel has an overall length of 82 feet. She comes with a comfortable interior space and elegant entertainment areas. Its four cabins offer privacy and relaxation during your journeys and, with a fuel capacity of 5.950 liters, there is no reason to worry about long distances.

The Ferretti 800 is the jewel in the crown of architects and designers of Centro Stile for the Ferretti Group. The ideal proportions of the interiors, exquisite elegance, meticulous comfort and breathtaking line make this yacht a favorite among international jet setters. It also has four cabins, one of which is designed as a master suite with the standards of a true floating resort. Its designers have opted for a broad deck, in addition to providing panoramic views of the ocean from the cabins and public areas.


To complete the Top 3 list, we thought of the Riva 75 VenereSuper, which comes with a wide range of innovative technological solutions for navigation, plenty of space and luxurious accommodations. In the lower deck, the large master cabin spans the entire width of the boat. Each cabin has direct access to a bathroom and is designed as a mini suite. As for fuel capacity, the Riva75 ‘Venere holds up to 5,500 liters. She is 76 feet long and presents a stylish, contemporary design.

If you are ready to become a sea captain, these dream yachts are a smart choice to please the most discriminating buyer.

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