The Latest In Technology And High Fidelity

Federico Tibytt

Headphones, music players, 3D home theaters… Newfangled sound and multimedia systems for individuals looking for high technology while maintaining excellent design and style.

Having the best sound and multimedia systems is the dream of those who want to relax in the comfort of their own homes. Here, we present some of the latest and most innovative gadgets that combine technological excellence with high style and design.

The perfect dock by Auralic Gemini

The Latest in High Fidelity Technology

Music lovers will adore it. It’s a hi-tech dock that includes an amplifier designed for high fidelity headphones and a decoder for high-definition digital formats. Auralic Gemini is a device that reproduces sound with a fidelity and quality that could only be obtained from professional systems. Designed by the prestigious sound engineer Xuanquian Wang, the Auralic Gemini can be connected to any digital source – PC, Smartphone, tablet or game console – and its internal sound card will process the data, both in regular formats and any other high-fidelity format such as DSD, double-rate DSD or DXD, amplifying, equalizing and carrying it to the headphones. With an elegant and bold design, this technological marvel also stores music, so the user can take his personal collection with him wherever he goes.

Headphones B&W P5 Maserati Edition

The Latest in High Fidelity Technology

Bowers & Wilkins, the British manufacturer of audio systems and the Italian automotive brand Maserati, two firms with a shared passion for excellence in engineering and technological innovation, have teamed up to launch the B & W P5 Maserati Edition headphones, designed to please those who enjoy good music in grand style as they move from one place to another. These retro style headphones, made with exquisite blue leather and featuring the iconic Maserati Trident, have gold-colored connectors and come with the same technology of the original B & W P5 model, which uses neodymium magnets and Mylar diaphragms for high-fidelity sound reproduction. This limited edition also includes a connector for Smartphone able to accept voice commands and a leather protective case.

A stylish music player: the AK240 by Antell & Kern

The Latest in High Fidelity Technology

If you wonder which would be the perfect portable music player to match your high definition headphones, maybe the answer is the AK240 Antell & Kern. This high definition audio player delivers exceptional sound quality, thanks to its two converters that transform digital data into analog sound, bringing to life the inanimate digital bits on both stereo channels.

The Superlumis SIM2 Home Theater

The Latest in High Fidelity Technology

If what you want is to have a home theater with high definition 3D, your dream can become a reality with the new SIM2 Superlumis. This projector offers the highest image resolution. With a 5,000 lumens definition and light contrast of 30,000 to 1, it delivers professional quality performance in a compact device. This fabulous product, combined with a high-fidelity surround sound system, converts any space into the the best movie theater with images of unprecedented realism. It is priced at $60,000 and its installation and configuration require professional ability and experience.

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