The Gift of Sound by Ultimate Ears – Experience Music like a Rock Star

Nicole Muj

Ultimate Ears, which aims to change the way we hear music, offers consumers a Rock Star experience with new and innovative technology.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the latest in high tech luxury products is being rolled out to consumers. I recently discovered a truly innovative and new gift idea that literally will change the way we hear and experience music – Ultimate Ears.

Ultimate Ears is part of the broad portfolio of products in the luxury tech space under the Logitech umbrella, headed up by general manager Jonah Staw. These handcrafted, bespoke earphones have been available to the world’s top music industry professionals and touring musicians since 1995, but have never before been available to the consumer… until now.

Ultimate Ears Custom White Headphones
Ultimate Ears Custom White Headphones.

“The majority of touring stage musicians performs in them, so chances are your favorite musician is using them,” says Staw.

Prior to Logitech, Staw served as acting business unit president at Sears Holdings, where he created a variety of new business groups, launched brands and oversaw the company’s celebrity apparel division, including collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger, Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine, as well as the footwear division, partnering with such brands as Reebok, Steve Madden and Sketchers.

Ultimate Ears blends together innovative engineering, artisanship and sophisticated design, with each pair having speakers with up to 12 balanced armature drivers tuned with precision to provide an unforgettable audio experience. The brand features three models, ranging from US $499 to $1,499, that are easily custom fit to each owner, delivering well-defined, accurate bass, tuned to enhance the low frequencies. Ultimate Ears are Bluetooth-enabled or can also simply be plugged into any device.

“Ultimate Ears was started 23 years ago in the back of Van Halen’s tour bus,” Staw said. “They’re the in-ear monitors you see musicians wear on stages all over the world. They deliver unbelievable pro quality sound and now, you can customize your own bespoke pair – from the fit to the design, to the sound.”

The ordering process is quite simple and user-friendly. Upon selecting your Ultimate Ears, a special FitKit will be overnighted. The buyer will then download the FiKit app that will guide them in custom fitting and molding the ear phones. The buyer will then be instructed to upload a few photos at different angles, and to send the entire package back for processing. In a few days, Voila! – your Ultimate Ears will be delivered and your sound experience will be catapulted to a new level.

Assortment of Ultimate Ears Custom Headphones
Assortment of Ultimate Ears Custom Headphones.

“Ultimate Ears Custom provides this awesome intersection of luxury and accessibility because, now, for the first time, you can custom-fit your ear buds from the comfort of your own home. No need to go to an audiologist or even to the store. Our approach is consumer-centric – we are delivering straight to consumers through a white glove experience versus mass market retail,” adds Staw. “We’re also changing the game in that our focus is on high-quality design, sound and style – and it’s coming to you through cutting-edge technology.”

Definitely, one of my top gift choices this holiday season in the luxury category. ■

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