The Beautiful Balance Of The Rapide S

Ana B. Remos

The 2014 Rapide S is an example of beauty and balance.

The engineers at Aston Martin knew that creating the Rapide S would be a great challenge. Instead of following the lines of the previous model, they decided to go back to the beginning and start anew. The results are significantly closer to the brand’s original vision than most of their recent models.

Aston Martin claims to have built “the most beautiful sedan in the world”, and many experts agree. This car delivers breathtaking proportions, exquisite details, luxury and performance. It has been called a sensory indulgence and a private sanctuary with breathtaking looks that make this vehicle a head-turner.

The four-door Rapide S features a stunning full-face aluminum grille honed as a single piece by hand–the largest production grille in the world– to meet the pedestrian protection requirements set by the European Union. The cabin, clothed in the finest materials, can luxuriously accommodate four passengers. It features Bridge of Weir leather, carbon fiber detailing and wood paneling of the highest quality. The duotone perforated leather provides a seating surface of black with a red undertones; the Rapide S is vested with more leather than any other Aston Martin.

But the most significant improvement is under the hood. The Rapide S boasts the most powerful engine in the history of the luxury brand: the Gen 4 AM 11 Rapide, a 6.0-liter V 12 engine that produces 558 PS, 620 Nm of torque, and acceleration time of 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds. Lowering the engine placement to 19mm, which creates a center of gravity closer to the road and improves handling, enhanced the weight distribution of the Rapide S. Improvements like the Gen4 Adaptive Damping mechanism allow the driver to customize the driving experience between three modes: normal, sport and track. The 2014 Rapide S is an outstanding example of balance and beauty.

V-12, 6.0 liters, 48v
550 hp / 457 lb-ft
0 – 60 MPH
4.7 sec
190 mph (est)
4387 lb
$ 199,950

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