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Must-Have Mobile Photography Gadgets & Accessories

Brenda Santana

It’s hard to find the perfect DSLR that’ll meet your photography needs if you are not really an experienced photographer. And even if you do find one, these high-quality cameras can be very bulky and not too practical to carry around. Nowadays, cell phones are an extension of ourselves.  Lets take advantage of that and start taking amazing pictures of our travel and daily life with these best photo accessories for smartphones:

Note:  Your best bet would be to invest in a smartphone with a high end camera

Must-Have Mobile Photography Gadgets & Accessories
Olympus Air A01


It’s pretty cool to have a removable lense that’ll take your images up a notch but what about having a remote lense that isn’t limited by the camera it’s attached to? If you like the sound of that, you might want to look into purchasing the Olympus’ Air A01 

This device is more than just a 14-44 mm lense. It’s basically a full-fledge camera that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Olympus app and can capture 10 frames per second of SLR quality photos. 



Must-Have Mobile Photography Gadgets & AccessoriesGimbal

If capturing unique videos is more your speed, you need to consider picking up a gimbal. This tripod of sorts allow amateur, and professional, videographers alike to capture the most steady, high-quality videos without the help of an entire crew.

One of the best smartphone gimbals on the market right now is the Movi from Firefly Systems. you can create stunning videos and the best part is, you can move and jump all you want, the footage will always be steady.



Must-Have Mobile Photography Gadgets & Accessories
Joby Tripod

You might not be filming action videos but still looking for a durable tripod that’ll fit your smartphone photography needs. One of the most practical tripods out there right now is the is the GorillaPod Mobile Rig by Joby. This flexible tripod can grip, wrap around, and stand just about anywhere. The GripTight mount will keep your smartphone secure and you can easily tilt to landscape and portrait mode as needed. 

The GorillaPod also comes with two side attachment that allows users to attach additionals lights and microphones.



Must-Have Mobile Photography Gadgets & Accessories
Lume Cube Led Light


You can’t talk about photography without mentioning lighting, especially if your goal is beautiful images taken any time of day. For this, you might want to consider the Lume Cube LED light. This small, yet powerful, light cube is only 1.5 inches so it can fit just about anywhere, it is waterproof up to 100 feet of water, and emits 1,500 lumens of daylight.

If you don’t want to hold it while taking your photos or videos, you can purchase an array of accessories for the Lume Cube including a Smartphone clip, a diffusion bulb, and a light mount.

These are just a few smartphone photography accessories that’ll take you mobile photography to the next level and make your social media followers think you have an entire crew, when it’s really just you.


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