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Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002: Time Of Legends

Heike Söns

Patek Philippe introduces one of the most memorable timepieces in history, an authentic work of art both in mechanics and design. Its price says it all: 1.2 million dollars.

Following Patek Philippe’s long tradition of manufacturing unforgettable timepieces, the Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002 was recently unveiled in Geneva, causing great commotion among specialists and the general public. Already known as the most complicated wrist watch ever created by the Swiss firm, the 6002 has set a new standard, not only by the high quality enamel used on its face, its accuracy and the caliber of its mechanism, but because it is a work of art, both in mechanical terms as in the ornamentation. More luxury watches.

The main feature of the Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002 is its double dial, which enables it to display its 13 mechanisms in a clear and elegant way, managed through three different buttons. The second element that draws attention is the extraordinary work required to make each unit of this model. Although it is well known that Patek Philippe incorporates the most exquisite craftsmanship in the manufacture of their watches, details of this level never cease to amaze.

Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002

In the case of the Sky Moon 6002 Tourbillon, we are talking about a superb work of art crafted in 18K white gold, entirely hand-engraved by skilled master artists and sharp chisels. Its eloquent details, arabesque garlands and gently curved elements— like the Calatrava cross—are the result of delicate work that can also be appreciated in the smallest details, as the hands, the actuating lever of the minute repeater or crowns that can be seen on the dial.

Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002

It is estimated that about 100 hours are required to complete each case, and the slightest distraction from the artisan would cause the gold to melt again, forcing him to restart the job from scratch. And though there is no doubt that the engraving work is colossal, perhaps, size is one of the most outstanding factors in the 6002. Despite accommodating various mechanisms that enable the Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002 to present 13 completely reliable functions, its dimensions are rather small: 42.8 mm in diameter and 16.25 mm thickness.

Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002

Even though many of the functions of the 6002 had already been featured in its predecessor, the Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002, some have been modified and are worth revising. In addition to the tourbillion, the minute repeater and perpetual calendar displayed in three small windows, the new king of watches has double cathedral ring, leap year cycle, retrograde date, hours and minutes of sidereal time, sky chart and the time when the star Sirius appears, as well as the progression of the angle and phases of the moon.

Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002

Comprised of 686 components and with the same size as its predecessor, the Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002—with a price of 1.2 million dollars— is already considered one of the finest timepieces in history.

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