Innespace Productions’ Seabreacher: Marine Creature Replicas for fun in the Water

J.M. Towers

The California-based company has created submersible vessels that can jump and roll while you sit inside the safe, sealed cabin.

Seabreacher allows you observe the marine environment while having plenty of fun.


Innespace Productions, a US company, based in Redding, California, has created three new vessels named Seabreacher X, Y, and Z. The purpose of these submersibles is to offer amazing vistas of marine environments for adventurous explorers.

The vessels—built in the shape of sharks, dolphins and killer whales—can dive, jump, roll, and perform many other acrobatic tricks hitherto unthinkable, all within the safety and comfort of a dry and sealed cabin.

Those who like to take risks— but only to a point—should know that Innespace Productions works in close cooperation with maritime safety groups in the construction of their ships. The company’s models go through all kinds of tests before going on sale.

More than ten years of meticulous engineering and extensive testing have resulted in a very safe and stable watercraft that can withstand the continued punishment of the marine environment.

Seabreacher vessels can roll, jump, and dive at high speeds.

Each Seabreacher is a unique creation and is available as a Shark-X model, Killer whale-Y model, or the new Z model which resembles a dolphin. The organic lines of each vessel’s sculpted body are decorated with the colors and characteristics of each of the animals it represents, a combination of a marine creature and a high-performance fighter jet.

Both the acrylic canopy and the transparent floor offer the passengers a view of almost 360 degrees while surfing the water at a breakneck speed.

Unlike conventional vessels that operate only in a two-dimensional plane, the Seabreacher functions more like an airplane with three full control axes: pitch, roll, and turn.

The controls move forward and backward and are connected to the ailerons, which allow dives, elevations and rotational movements similar to those performed by marine creatures.

With pedals that move left and right, the craft can be rotated and submerged underwater. We must not forget that the Seabreacher boats are only intended to dive beneath the surface for short periods—not more than 10 seconds—and usually at a depth of no more than 5 or 6 feet, always depending on the experience level of the pilot.

The models recreate the likeness of marine creatures.

The 300 hp engines of these crafts can reach a top speed of 55 mph on the water surface.

Also, the two-seat Seabreacher incorporates some high-tech features as a camera that transmits live video to both the LCD screens of the pilot and the passenger, in addition to GPS navigation and on board stereo with iPod docking.

Designed by Innespace Productions, each Seabreacher is hand-built only on request and with the specifications required by the buyer.

As Dan Piazza, the company’s co-owner says, “If you own one, you are sure to draw a crowd.”

Photos by: Innespace Productions.

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