Sailing Yacht A: The World’s Largest and Most Sophisticated Sailboat

Federico Tibytt

A jewel of the seas, the Sailing Yacht A is the largest sailboat in the world and features utmost luxury, comfort and sustainability.


The world’s largest sailboat, The Sailing Yacht A is a jewel of the sea. It challenges our imagination when it comes to size, luxury, comfort and sustainability. This vessel is more than 482 feet long (147 meters) by 82 feet wide (25 meters), has eight levels, and three masts that measure 328 feet (100 meters) from the water level.

Sailing Yacht A
Lateral view of Sailing Yacht A during a buoyancy test.

Sailing Yacht A was commissioned by Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko and is under construction by the renowned German shipyard Nobiskrug. She was designed by the famous French architect Philippe Starck, who had also put his imprint in Melnichenko’s Motor Yacht A, completed in 2008.

This new giant shows a modern, minimalist aesthetic on the outside, where a huge curved side plane is only interrupted by small circular windows. This blueprint goes against the general market trend of large windows shaping the profile of the yacht. In fact, its larger windows have an ovoid shape and almost seem to disappear in the gigantic sides of the boat.

The vessel boasts three magnificent high strength carbon fiber masts, whose maneuvers are conducted from touch screens in the control bridge. As has transpired, the construction of the Sailing Yacht A required the development of some new technologies, which were patented by the owner as part of the investment plan used in the project.

The sailboat will have a capacity for 20 passengers and and a crew of more than 60 employees. It will offer premium amenities, including a glass-walled submarine observatory, several elevators to connect its eight levels, a triple-height open court, an inner courtyard with soaring ceilings that let in natural light and a pool of enormous dimensions.

Sailing Yacht A
Sailing Yacht A is the largest sailing vessel in the world.

After the buoyancy and navigation tests—which are taking place in the coast of Germany—are completed, the construction of the interior will begin. It is expected to be as luxurious and elegant as its younger sister, the Motor Yacht A.

Navigation will be assisted by a group of hybrid diesel and electric engines, with the capacity to reach 21 knots at maximum speed and 16 knots at cruising, excellent performances given the enormous size and weight of the vessel.

According to reports, Melnichenko spent around $400 million for the Sailing Yacht A, which, added to the $300 million he paid for the Motor Yacht A, confirms his passion for boats.

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