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Rolls Royce Accessories: Exquisite Details

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To satisfy customers who love luxury details, Rolls Royce offers factory-installed accessories that are light years away from those offered by other car manufacturers. Check them out here!

With the production output of Rolls Royce remaining at an all-time high, European markets along with buyers in China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging economies continue to keep the demand for this ultimate luxury vehicle at a steadily increasing pace. However, the most discerning buyers with ultra sophisticated tastes in automobiles are making their Rolls even more special by adding one-of-a-kind add ons to their cars. To fulfill the capricious nature of its clients, the luxury automaker offers buyers the option to install bespoke factory accessories that stand miles apart from those provided by car modification outlets.

Rolls Royce Picnic Cabinet Set

Rolls Royce Accessories

The Picnic Cabinet Set was designed as a service for four and includes dinnerware encased in a polished aluminum and leather case. Travel from town to country in style, and once there enjoy the impeccable craftsmanship, while reveling on the sights and aromas of your favorite destination.

Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Teak DeckingRolls Royce Accessories

Phantom lovers are privy to the best-guarded secrets from the luxury car maker. This deck made from teak, is favored for its resistance to moisture and decay. Stunning and functional, this back hood option offered on the Phantom Drop Head Coupe is sure to turn heads on the road.

Rolls Royce Starlight Headliner

Rolls Royce Accessories

Also offered in the Phantom Coupe and Sedan, the Starlight Headliner automatically turns the roof of your modern-day carriage into a dazzling vision of a starry night. Hundreds of fiber optic lights emerge from the perforated leather on the roof to reflect your mood with the option of turning it off to avoid any distraction.

In-Car Jewelry Box and Luggage

Rolls Royce Accessories

If you need to carry a few baubles on the go or have some last minute rags to pack for a weekend away, Rolls provides a jewelry box that lives inside the glove compartment and bespoke luggage that includes four pieces.

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