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Roc Headphones: A New Partnership Between Cristiano Ronaldo And Monster

Federico Tibytt

The soccer star launches a new line of high-fidelity headphones with exquisite aesthetics.

A new trend has taken hold of technology brands in recent years. Many of them have launched exclusive audio devices in collaboration with fashion design labels, car manufacturers, celebrities, or professional athletes. High-end audio systems and personal audio equipment define the taste and style of their owner.

ROC Headphones
Cristiano Ronaldo wears ROC headphones.

Music is an integral part in the life of many athletes. It helps them concentrate during their extensive training sessions and also plays a role in relaxation before a championship or competition when stress is at the highest level. That is this why we often see stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Junior, Lebron James or Novak Djokovic engaged on their headphones moments before those special matches and tournaments.

The market is flooded with an endless variety of mobile music gadgets, as every person tries to customize their headphones to represent their personal tastes and styles. In this case, we are talking about one of the world’s most famous athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo has launched his line of wireless headphones and portable speakers called ROC in partnership with tech company Monster.

As the soccer star explains, “Music is a part of my life and part of me. I am a positive and confident person who lives life to the fullest, and that’s reflected on my brand.” Ronaldo’s company’s slogan is “Live Life Loud”.

ROC Headphones
The ROC line of luxury headphones and speakers.

The ROC line introduces three headphones models and a highly refined wireless speaker that combines black and gold aesthetics with premium materials to create devices of great sound quality.

There are two models of wireless headsets with Bluetooth technology. ROC Sport Freedom is a compact peripheral handset. But for moments of greatest physical activity, the Superslim Inear Sport offers an exquisite design, excellent ergonomics and high adaptability to the most demanding workouts. It is a hands-free system and also sweat-proof.

The line is completed with a spectacular peripheral wired handset that features voice command control, elegant leather pads, optimized audio for telephone communications and high-fidelity Pure Monster Sound without the need for charging batteries. And finally, a robust wireless speaker that despite its compact size offers excellent fidelity sound and an advanced hands-free communication system for cell phone interaction.

Today’s headphones should not only provide high-fidelity sound, but also meet the very high aesthetic requirements imposed by the market. ROC meets both—brilliantly. Review our selection of luxury speakers from Golden Ear, Martin Logan and Pioneer.

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