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Richard Mille: Matching Cufflinks And Watches

Franky M.

Designed with the same principles used to create his watches, Richard Mille´s practical and aesthetically elegant cufflinks showcase an exceptional technique.

Besides adorning the wrists of men and women with the highest Swiss technology, the luxury watchmaker Richard Mille also brings glamour to men´s shirts. The firm produces cufflinks with a design that matches its watches.

Richard Mille

In just 13 years, the company founded in 2001 by, a French entrepreneur Richard Mille, consolidated its exclusive line of luxury watches with the help of Audemars Piguet—which owns 10 percent of the capital—competing with other well established brands and large corporate groups. And it has done it with an audacious product, very different from those of its competitors: watches that showcase a characteristic barrel-shape, lightness and bold colors.

The famous timepieces manufactured in Switzerland come in limited editions of 200 units of each model. Their exclusive hand finished watches are made of titanium and carbon—some have broken all records weighing only half an ounce, including the strap—and their price ranges between $74,400 and $2 million.

Richard Mille

Designed with the same principle used to create his watches, Richard Mille´s cufflinks show an exceptional technique. These are innovative as well as practical and aesthetically elegant. The company’s engineers spent two years developing them since each cufflink has more than 38 components. They are made of titanium–there is also a version with diamonds— with a glossy surface and beveled by hand, and incorporate a patented mechanism that opens with the push of a button.

Richard Mille cufflinks are priced around $20,000 and come with a two-year warranty. They are available in flagship stores worldwide, including the first Richard Mille boutique in the UK, located in Mayfair, one of London’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

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