Ana B. Remos

What if you could wear your music? Imagine combining your love for fashion with your love of songs and all things audible, seamlessly integrated into headphones that provide great sound quality with contemporary flair. The tantalizing mind of Maria von Euler, former Swedish industrial designer, has created the Molami headphones in association with the production expertise of Zound Industries. Never again will you sacrifice your commitment to fashion when enjoying your favorite tunes.

We are given three primary options to choose from: Bight, Twine, and Pleat.

The Bight earphones fit snugly in your inner ear, revealing to any passerby nothing more than the leather covers and gold-plated accents that comprise these little “gems”. For a more discreet look that is still dazzlingly fashionable, the Twine Wrap model appears as a headband made of silk-satin and chiffon blends that wraps around your head with the unobtrusive headphones embedded in the design.

But for true fashionistas, the Pleat headphones will be your choice. Intimately designed to complement the bone structure of your face, the Pleat model is bound by leather, trimmed with 18k gold, and designed to make a bold statement: you love your music just as much as you care for your looks.

All models come in a variety of colors, staying within the black, white, and gold palette.

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