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Range Rover Autobiography: Extreme Luxury In An Suv

Federico Tibytt

Excellent design, highly attractive and reliable materials and a host of amenities make this SUV a unique and compelling choice.

Land Rover, the iconic British automaker, has introduced, for 2014, an SUV aimed, primarily, at those who enjoy a relaxing during a comfortable ride while someone else is behind the wheel. We are talking about Autobiography, the most expensive vehicle in the firm’s history, which comes at an introductory price of over $140,000.

This majestic SUV evolves from a long wheelbase that offers riders more space, which translates into 14 extra inches of legroom in the rear seats. This feature, along with numerous luxurious and comfortable details, makes this model a direct challenge to any limousine.

Range Rover Autobiography

The concept behind Autobiography, “design makes us desirable” highlights the meticulous care placed on every detail. The British brand has produced a car that catches the attention and admiration of all who see it.

The large, strong exterior, decorated with fine minimalist lines differentiates this SUV from the competition. But it is in the inside where the car really shines. Completely designed with noble materials like fine leather, aluminum and wood, the interior amenities offer a level of luxury comparable only to the first class cabins on the best airlines. LED ambient lights to your taste, adjustable front seats with memory for 18 different positions, and each rear seat comes with individual heater, massager and recliner with leg support.

It also boasts automated folding tables, personal multimedia screens for each passenger, dual heating and a small refrigerator to chill your champagne: these are just some of the highlights that define the style and comfort level of this new SUV. The interior was designed for total relaxation but also for work, if necessary. Furthermore, this model comes with a powerful engine and four-wheel drive, which make it the perfect vehicle for all types of climates and terrains.

Range Rover Autobiography

Under the hood, it has a potent V8 diesel engine with 5-liter capacity, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 140 miles per hour. Very impressive achievements, if you consider the sheer size and weight of this colossal machine.

With the Range Rover Autobiography, the British company makes it possible to travel with utmost luxury and comfort, but also with the increased security, speed and versatility that only an SUV can offer. Its superlative design, the selection of highly attractive and reliable materials, and the sum of its amenities, make this vehicle a unique and compelling choice.

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