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R135 Wraith Combat, Titanium And Mh Tt: Exclusive Motorcycles Worthy Of The Finest Collections

Federico Tibytt

Three bikes admired for their beauty standards, exclusivity, performance and style.

Just as there are supercar manufacturers as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Pagani, premium motorcycle brands, although less known to the general public, are equally admired by collectors. Their standards of beauty, exclusivity, performance and style stand above the rest.

These three “jewels on two wheels” are among the most exclusive and unique motorcycles on the market today.

R135 Wraith Combat by Confederate Motors

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Confederate Motors, Inc., the American manufacturer of exotic motorcycles, produces the R135 Wraith Combat, a very modern bike that seems taken from one Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. Seen from the side, the front suspension looks almost robotic. It is followed by a bare main frame where the semicircular top pillar ends in a central suspension spring completely exposed. On top of it, a single passenger seat seems to float. The rear wheel is connected to the main body by a modern horizontal suspension and a beautiful floating fender. The very powerful 2,000 cm3 engine, with 5-speed V2 and 125 hp is also exposed. Confederate Motors will manufacture only seven custom copies of this exclusive model, with a price that starts at $135,000.

Titanium Series by Ecosse

Exclusives Motorcycles

The Titanium Series from Ecosse Motor Works Company is one of the most expensive motorcycle lines on the market with a price of around $300,000. It is the perfectis a combination of the classic roadsterstyle design with applied cutting edge technology. Both the main frame and the skeleton are made of titanium while the suspensions correspond to Öhlins racing models. It also features a stunning 200 horsepower engine and impressive 2,100 cm3, with a 6-speed transmission. But the Titanium Series pushes the envelope with exquisite details such as handcrafted exhausts made of titanium 9 with ceramic trims inside and out. Without a doubt, it is a unique vehicle in its kind.

The MH TT by NCR

Exclusives Motorcycles

Mike Hailwood is one of the most acclaimed bike riders in history. Considered by many as the best of all time, and in celebration of his return to the track in 1978 with the Ducati 900SS, the Italian manufacturer NCR decided to launch its tribute model. The stunning motorcycle recovers the original design of the legendary Ducati but introduces new technologies in its construction. The MH TT by NCR boasts a titanium frame and an outer body made of carbon fiber. It is fueled by a powerful NCR racing engine of 1,120 cm3 accompanied by professional Moto GP Öhlins suspensions and tires made of carbon fiber and titanium. In a limited edition of 12 numbered copies, this spectacular bike has a market price of around $130,000, the actual object of devotion for collectors.

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