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Project Light: Nauta´S New Mega Yacht

Federico Tibytt

This luxurious vessel has more than 7,000 square feet of outdoor space, 8,300 of covered space and 2,152 square feet of glass surfaces, offering extraordinary panoramic views.

One of the world’s main shipyards, Nauta, and the naval design studio Fincantieri joined forces to build of a mega yacht capable of revolutionizing the industry with features that seamlessly integrated interior and exterior spaces in luxury yachts. The result of this unprecedented collaboration is the amazing Project Light.

Project Light

This luxurious 262-foot vessel, the most recent from the Italian shipyard, has surprised the media and yacht lovers with more than 7,000 square feet of outdoor spaces and 8,300 square feet of covered space, wrapped in 2,153 square feet of windows.

The designer’s main objective was to create a ship with large spaces and splendid panoramic views, both from the deck and from the different interior environments. Evidently, the engineers achieved their goals starting with simple lines, which hide the seams that join the structure’s metal plates to produce a feeling of lightness. This sensation defines the name of the project where light and weightlessness are the main features that distinguish the super yacht. According to developers, this concept fits to perfection the lifestyle and requirements of their VIP clients.

The main level boasts an impressive 1,600 square-foot reception deck, connected by glass doors to the main hall, with capacity for spacious dining and lounge areas. On the same level, there are five staterooms for guests, each with its own balcony, perfectly combining the extreme privacy of each cabin and the continuous interaction of the yacht´s interior with the surrounding environment.

Project Light

Guests will have access to the water from the lower level, where the “beach area” is located. It boasts 753 square feet of terrace, ideal for taking in the sun and the ocean breeze. A few steps below, there is an amazing lounge 0f almost 1,600 square feet, with comfortable furnishings, bar and DJ cabin. Nearby is the spa, featuring a Turkish sauna, gym, Jacuzzi, a dermatological mud treatment room and a beauty salon. At the same time, this area has an attached retractable board with direct access to the water and two lateral accessory boards that allow the ascent and descent of complementary vessels without disturbing the swimmers.

The upper level is reserved for the yacht’s owners and includes a 1,400 square-foot private suite with huge glass windows and 1,300 square feet of outdoor space. This exclusive area also has a studio, gym, dressing room, bathroom and a terrace for sunbathing next to a private pool.

Project Light

Finally, on the bridge level, we find the command center for the captain and crew, in addition to two lounging areas, one outdoor and another inside the vessel, both with superb panoramic views. Additionally, the lower deck has cabins for the 22-crew members, and all dependencies needed to provide the owner and 12 guests a 5-star service. A spacious spiral staircase surrounded by transparent walls connects all levels.

Undoubtedly, Project Light is a demonstration of the development and technical capacity of Nauta Yachts, and we are sure very soon this mega yacht will be owned by a special person looking for luxury, simplicity and extreme comfort but, above all, eager to enjoy the light on the ocean.

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