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Porsche Driving School: Classes to Control and Enjoy Your Driving

Franky M.

For over 40 years, the Porsche Sport Driving School has offered a wide variety of courses that help clients understand their sports cars.


When the Porsche 911 Turbo debuted at the 1974 Paris Motor Show, the engineers and dealers from the German manufacturer realized that some of the owners of their powerful machine needed some training. The company thus created a small workshop to assist their clients. That was the start of the Porsche Sport Driving School, which for 40 years has been offering a wide variety of courses to control the fastest sports cars.

Porsche Driving School

The school’s motto is: “You tell us what your driving goals are, and we make sure you reach them”. Today, about one hundred instructors teach fans to meander between cones, skid on circular wet runways and dodge obstacles encountered by surprise. “We want to transmit an instinctive feeling for driving and, with it, the ability to ‘read’ and better understand the car,” says Carsten Dreses, one of the experienced instructors. “When drivers feel the harmony inside their cars, they automatically become safer and therefore also faster.”

The teachers—who are part of the Porsche family— are trained at the Course Tests University and Porsche Laboratory Training at Zuffenhaus, in Stuttgart, Germany, or in the neighboring city of Weissach. The courses focus on safety, accuracy and speed, as well as driving with an eye on the distance. “Many drivers turn too sharply; they are very nervous. Their driving automatically improves when they are calm and serene”, Dreses explains. “And when you’re driving well and safe, you have more fun. This is the reason our Performance and Precision courses start by focusing on the correct braking and the safe control of the vehicle.”

Porsche Driving School

These courses are taught in 15 countries to groups with a maximum of 10 students. They can last from one to three days, depending on the customer’s choice—whether beginners or competition pilots. Furthermore, they also offer off-road and winter courses in Finland to promote safe driving techniques in snow and ice. Since 2010, nostalgic clients may enroll in specific courses for classic cars. And, since 2012, you can choose exclusive classes with personal trainers for small groups. Bookings are available via the Internet at

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