Polaris Slingshot: Fun and Speed on Three Wheels

Federico Tibytt

The super-sports design rests on a tubular steel frame, which makes it a very light vehicle —only 1,683 pounds (763 kg)— fueled by a powerful engine of 2,400 cubic centimeters and 173 hp @ 6200 rpm.


So far three wheel vehicles have not enjoyed great commercial success, perhaps because they were a sort of hybrid between a motorcycle and a car.

The new Polaris Slingshot, a highly efficient sports car that is fast, safe, attractive and electrifying. At first glance, the Slingshot looks more like a super-cabriolet than a motorcycle. Its front hood, with aggressive and angular lines, as well as the four headlights, front grille and huge fenders on the two 17-inch front competition wheels, gives it an aesthetic that evokes the design of a race car.

Behind the impressive front, there is a two-seat passenger compartment with a simple but attractive line, designed to withstand inclement weather.

The sports seats, gear manual transmission and the LCD screen on the center console, in addition to the ergonomic steering wheel and 6-speaker sound system, were made with waterproof and sunproof materials to prevent weather damage if left unprotected outside.

The Slingshot reveals its true identity at the rear; below the very attractive LED lights, there is a single drive wheel in a central position, mounted on a stunning 20 inches competition tire.

This super-sports design rests on a tubular steel frame which, together with other components, makes up a very light vehicle —only 1,683 pounds (763 kg)— fueled by a powerful engine of 2,400 cubic centimeters and173 hp @ 6200 rpm. Additionally, it has an efficient 5-speed manual gearbox which can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (100 km / h) in about 6 seconds with a top speed of around 130 mph (205 km / h).

While the vehicle’s stats are lower than those of other super-sports cars, they are still faster than the vast majority of street legal vehicles.

The competitive advantage of the Slingshot is that it sits very low. With the center of gravity a few centimeters off the ground and without a roof, the feeling of acceleration and speed it offers is unmatched.

In turn, for those who do not want to lose the comfort and safety of a modern sports car, the Slingshot includes a backup camera, functional LED lighting for the interior, a sound system with 6 speakers and LCD screen on the center console, as well as ventilated disc brakes with ABS, electronic stability control, electronic brake control, traction control, and an anti-roll aluminum structure.

However, since it doesn’t have the standard safety elements to be considered a car (such as airbags), the Slingshot is legally a motorcycle, so it is required to wear el helmet while riding.

The Polaris Slingshot has revolutionized the market by offering an unparalleled sporty driving experience that would be impossible to have in cars of the same price range: $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the model—and the level of customization selected by the lucky buyer.

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