designed by italian studio NIVOLARY LENARD

PJ World Explorer: The Superyacht from Rolls Royce and Palmer Johnson

Federico Tibytt

The PJ World Explorer, a collaboration between Rolls Royce Marine and Palmer Johnson shipyards, is a real gem of naval engineering with cutting edge security systems and luxurious amenities.

Rolls Royce Marine and the famous Palmer Johnson shipyard are working on the development and construction of a magnificent mega yacht that will offer fantastic performance, luxury and sustainability features. The PJ World Explorer, a giant vessel 267 feet long and 47 feet wide, will feature seven spectacular levels with amazing comfort for 16 passengers and 27 crewmembers.

PJ World Explorer

The Italian studio Nivolari Lenard set out to develop a craft capable of navigating even the harshest waters on the planet and which would include cutting edge security systems and amenities worthy of the most luxurious mansion on land. Read more here about luxury yachts.

The yacht boasts a unique three-level apartment for its owner with panoramic views, dressing rooms, bathrooms, Jacuzzi, an office and private suite. The recreation areas for guests also have impressive bedrooms with sweeping views, dining room, bar and a movie theater, while the outdoor relaxation space has a fully equipped gym, Jacuzzi, spa, sauna, treatment room and a sparkling pool in the main aft deck.

The magnificent vessel also comes with a heliport and a generous helicopter pad, which can be folded into the ship creating a hangar with a refueling station. On the lower level of the aft deck, it can accommodate several water toys; among them a submarine for six passengers, which can be released into the water through a strategically designed gate opening.

PJ World Explorer

The PJ World Explorer is a wonder of applied technology, which includes a ship detection system that uses temperature to alert about potential navigational risks, and a hull specially designed to navigate glacial waters. For proper stabilization, the vessel offers a dynamic positioning system that eludes the need to use a traditional anchor.

The environmentally friendly engine system and the design of the PJ World Explorer are intended to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions. The yacht has diesel and electric generators that allow the captain to choose the appropriate combinations depending on the time and need. She can reach a top speeds are 16.5 knots using the combustion engines and 6 knots with the electric propulsion.

Described by its builders as “a mansion of the future with the advantage of taking us anywhere when we get tired of our neighborhood,” the PJ World Explorer is a real gem of naval engineering that took 18 months of construction and US$150 million invested in its development.

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