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Pininfarina Sergio With a Ferrari Heart: Passion for Design

Heike Söns

Possibly one of the most exclusive and enchanting models in the automobile history.

Known worldwide as a great master of Italian design, Sergio Pininfarina left his mark in the world of cars when he created—with absolute genius— some of the most iconic and legendary cars in history. To celebrate the life and legacy of the man at the helm of Pininfarina for four decades, the Italian firm has launched–discreetly and in tandem with Ferrari—a limited edition of one of the most exclusive cars in the world: the Sergio.

Pininfarina Sergio

A radical and unique vehicle for its kind, this car takes the concept of bespoke cars for individual customers one step further. Launched in a series of only six copies, the Pininfarina Sergio is an experiment based on the mechanics of the Ferrari 458 Spider. Sporty, compact, dramatic and extremely attractive, the car is truly a work of art, like many concept cars designed by Pininfarina and inspired by the powerful Ferrari name.

The prototype debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, when it was introduced not only to celebrate 60 years of partnership between Ferrari and Pininfarina, but also to honor the life of the charismatic entrepreneur, designer and Italian senator, who died in 2012.

Pininfarina Sergio

The Sergio is a two-seater barchetta that takes us into the future through its traditional yet modern look. It clearly reflects many of the retro elements of the classic prototypes of the Pininfarina Ferrari, such as the Modulo 512s from 1970 and the 1967 Dino Berlinetta. Its design explores and reinterprets the volumes, materials and gleaming finishes characteristic of the Italian firm in the 1960s and 1970s.

Markedly beautiful and peculiar, the Pininfarina Sergio is a delight to the eye, but to drive it—and, above all, to own it— is a privilege. Quite evident is the way its creators have established visual differences among its distinct functional elements, with black details and red accents.

Pininfarina Sergio

For the production of the Sergio, Ferrari provided Pininfarina the powerful engines of the 458 Spider, besides its mechanical and electrical components. The luxury car also features several innovations, such as the vertical doors and the absence of windscreen. And since it doesn’t have a dome to protect the passengers, the model includes two exclusive helmets. The distance between the tires is very similar to the 458 Spider; however, being a more compact and lighter car, it certainly becomes an adrenaline rush on wheels.

The iconic Pininfarina stands next to many of the most beautiful Ferraris of all time. In the Pininfarina Sergio by Ferrari, the logo of the firm shines like never before.

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