Phoenix: The New Putter From Valgrine

Franky M.

Building each putter involves hundreds of steps from 22 master craftsmen who produce elaborate pieces made from precious minerals such as diamonds, gold or platinum.

In the game of golf, the most emblematic pieces have their own names. That is why this putter— the most important of all golf clubs since it is the one that pushes the ball into the hole— has been dubbed Phoenix. Its unique character comes from an original concept from French craftsmen who have earned the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant in its French acronym, which translates as Living Heritage Company). This rating is the official label issued by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry to distinguish companies that boast remarkable skills in craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence.

Phoenix: New Valgrine Putter

The idea of Phoenix was conceived by the French company ValGrine. The label has been manufacturing—since 2012— the most bizarre, unique and expensive putters used in the world’a golf courses. Each putter requires hundreds of skillfully performed operations by between 18 and 22 different craftsmen, whose hands create exceptional pieces made with precious materials, such as diamonds, platinum, white, and yellow gold.

They also use other exotic elements such as 300 L or 16 L 9 stainless steel, meteor dust, aerospace aluminum and copper and gold alloys. These materials are used in industries as diverse as aviation, Formula 1, sailing and orthopedics. Hence, this type of putter is considered the Rolls-Royce of golf clubs.

Phoenix: New Valgrine Putter

The Phoenix is a half mallet whose head weighs 350 grams, made mainly of stainless steel with the sides finished in gold that is subjected to micro pearling treatments and are highly polished. The grip or handle is made of neoprene, with silver cotton seams for comfort and refinement.

“The silhouette evokes strength, stability and accuracy, and its shape directs the ball trajectory and direction. This putter gives our players an incredible performance and unusual sensations,” said a spokesperson for the brand.

It is available with finishes in red, black or pink, at a price that starts from €1,332 (around $1,500) and its owner can have his name, a logo or initials engraved on the putter. Read here about some of the best golf courses in the world.

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