Phenom 300: A Small Plane With Big Benefits

Ana B. Remos

The Phenom 300 is a light executive jet manufactured by the Brazilian company Embraer.

Embraer’s Phenom 300 can carry up to 8 passengers with a flight range of 3,650 km. (1.971 nautical miles), which means it can fly from New York to Oklahoma City, Miami, Cancun or Caracas, or from London to any country in Continental Europe and many cities in Africa, such as Alexandria.

With respect to the cabin, Embraer proudly said it was designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks USA. It has a width of 1.55 meters (5-foot-one-inch) and a height of 1.50 meters (4 feet and 11 inches).

Despite its small size, the aircraft features a fairly flexible interior configuration with three options to choose from, including one that offers six individual seats and a two-seater couch. The reclining seats can be oriented in all directions, and you can regulate the cabin temperature directly from them.

Passengers can enjoy a small area for food preparation, equipped with an icebox, space for miniature wine bottles, a garbage compartment and a place for hot containers.

To complete the cabin there is a totally isolated chemical lavatory with two large windows, a toilet with belt (certified for takeoff and landing), and a sink that can be replaced by a storage space.

Pressurization is always a key factor when it comes to comfort aboard small jets. Embraer ensures that the Phenom 300 offers the best in its class: 2011 meters (6,600 feet at maximum cruising altitude).

The rear luggage compartment has a capacity of 1,870 cubic meters (66 cubic feet), so there is room to keep six golf bags, six large suitcases and six covers for laptops. As an additional option, this area can be heated.

The aircraft is certified for a single-pilot and one of its important practical points is to have a single refueling point, which allows the tanks to be filled in only 12 minutes.

Designed for heavy duty, the Phenom 300 has an extended life of 35,000 hours of flying, and a plan of scheduled maintenance of 600 hours or 12 months between inspections.

3,650 km (1.971 nautical miles)
839 km/h (453 KTAS)
956 m (3,138 feet)
799 m (2.621 feet)
45,000 feet (13.716 m)

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