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The Mp Typ 240 Safari And The M-P «Correspondence» Lenny Kravitz: Collection Cameras From Leica

Federico Tibytt

The MP Typ 240 Safari and the M-P "Correspondence" Lenny Kravitz: two collector's cameras by Leica that impress for their beauty and exclusivity.


The iconic German company Leica has become a cult brand for photo enthusiasts thanks to its excellent analog cameras and new digital equipment rigorously loyal to its tradition of high optical quality.

Recognized as a luxury brand for those who like exclusivity, in recent years the company has launched a line of limited editions that are real collector’s items. That is the case of these two cameras that captivate for their beauty and exclusivity: the MP Typ 240 Safari and the M-P “Correspondence” Lenny Kravitz.

Leica M-P Typ 240 Safari

Leica Cameras

The Safari “Olive” was launched in 1960 in its M1 version, which was made exclusively for the military, hence its original olive green color. A robust body, with a lacquered top cover and base, distinguishes this model, and the main body is covered with leather to provide a better grip and prevent slippage. All buttons and camera details were made with silver color metals and on the top we see the classic signature that indicates their origin: Wetzlar, Germany. This line has been issued several times over the past 60 years and is highly sought after at auctions. In this new edition of the Safari model, Leica offers a next-generation digital camera MP 24 MP, with a lens Summicron-M 35mm / f2 ASPH, metallic. To complete the vintage look, the new Safari comes with a genuine leather strap in an attractive light brown and two cases—also made of leather—one to keep the spare SD cards and the other to store personal cards. It is a most desirable “toy” for photography aficionados because it produces professional-quality photographs and meets the requirements of discerning collectors. In a limited edition of 1,500 copies, the MP Typ 240 Leica Safari is priced at $9,990.

M–P «Correspondence» Lenny Kravitz

Leica Cameras

Photography is one of the artistic mediums in which Lenny Kravitz is a real master. In fact, the American artist began his foray with the German firm at age 21 when his father gave him his first professional camera: the emblematic Leicaflex. The new model dedicated to the singer–and designed with his help–is inspired by the original aesthetics of the Leicaflex. This time the body and lenses come in black tones, and a hand-made finish simulates the wear and tear caused by years of use. The M-P “Correspondence” Lenny Kravitz by Leica is a 24 MP digital camera with two interchangeable lenses, a 35mm Summicron-M / f2 ASPH and a Summilux-M 50mm / f1.4 ASPH, specially selected by the rock star. As a special touch, the kit includes a small craft bag with a strap for the camera, both in crocodile leather. This camera is certainly a coveted object that summarizes the personality, tastes and style of the talented Kravitz. Only 125 numbered copies will be made, with a price of $ 25,000.

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