Mondango 3: The Sophisticated Sailboat by Alloy Yachts

Nicholas Sterling

This stunning three-sail yacht can travel both in shallow waters and the deepest oceans thanks for a folding keel.


Designed by Dubois Naval Architects, Mondango 3 is a magnificent creation from the acclaimed shipyard Alloy Yachts, New Zealand, with over 28 years of experience building large vessels. The Mondango 3 flaunts its sophistication, navigability and excellence in design and engineering. Review our selection of luxury mega yachts.

Mondango 3

The passion of the team at Alloy Yachts is evident in this luxury yacht that combines the most advanced technology with exquisitely detailed finishings turning her into the paradigm of brilliance, exclusivity, and good taste.

Mondango 3—with capacity for 11 passengers—is a floating mansion thanks to a partnership between Alloy Yachts and Reymond Langton Design, which resulted in a lavish, comfortable and modern interior. The firm Dubois Naval Architects took control of the exterior design and realized modern lines with the power and grace one would expect from a vessel of this category.

Mondango 3
Mondango 3

This stunning three-sail yacht can travel both in shallow waters and the deepest oceans thanks to a folding keel, an unusual feature on an 185-foot yacht. During very calm days— when the sails cannot fulfill their function—its Caterpillar engine with 1450 horsepower can deliver a cruising speed of 12 knots.

The Mondango 3 has a large master suite, as well as two double cabins and two single rooms, all with bathrooms lined with beautiful marble. Reymond Langton Design excelled at giving each suite its own personality. Of course, the master suite—located in the center of the yacht— is the most luxurious, with unique features like curved walls, overlapping panels, and recessed lighting.

Mondango 3
Mondango 3

The finishings in the main living room feature exotic woods that blend elegantly with soft leather, marble and onyx to create a unique blend of colors and textures: bleached inlaid oak, leather accents, and unique surfaces. Also, the artistic glass panels; leather furniture, and the beautiful staircase connecting the different decks reveal a cozy and contemporary sense of space.

The open deck of the Mondango 3 is particularly attractive, featuring comfortable furniture, a splendid Jacuzzi for moments of relaxation and magnificent ocean views. The large table on the deck, suitably protected against rain and the sun, is ideal for breakfast, lunch and outdoor gatherings.

Mondango 3 is a very luxurious sailing vessel, specially built and designed for those looking for utmost exclusivity in a pleasure boat.

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