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Monaco Yacht Show 2013: Luxury, Design, Ecology And Adventures Under The Sea

Ana B. Remos

The Monaco Yacht Show premiered some of the most luxurious vessels available in today’s maritime market.

The Monaco Yacht Show is arguably the most prestigious boat show in the world. Held annually, the event is the most desired showcase for large shipyards to display their unique and newest products. This year, which marked its twenty-third edition, has not been the exception.

The exhibition lived up to the expectations of the most discerning yacht lovers. The tiny but charming Principality of Monaco was the ideal venue chosen for the debut of dozens of boats, many of which were long awaited arrivals. Major companies decided to present their products at the prestigious event as an advantage to deal with an increasingly competitive market.

Here are some of the most significant novelties from the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show.

Ocean Paradise

Monaco Yacht Show 2013

This 180-foot mega yacht, from Italian builder Benetti, made its world premiere in Monaco. It received the prestigious Rina Green Plus award for the manufacturer’s efforts to reduce the impact of its ships on nature. Among its many innovative green technologies, the Ocean Paradise features a system that reabsorbs greenhouse gas emissions to limit their effect on the marine environment. Benetti also used, in this vessel, a new coating for the hull, which reduces water resistance and fuel consumption. In addition, this yacht is illuminated with last generation LED lights that allow optimal energy efficiency.

Star Galactica

Monaco Yacht Show 2013

Besides the Rina Green Plus prize, the Monaco Yacht Show also rewards the boat with the most striking design. In the 2013 edition, this distinction went to the Galactica Star, from Dutch manufacturer Heesen, who worked closely with interior designer Dickie Bannenberg to create this super stylish yacht. With 213 feet in length, the Galactica Star is the largest yacht built to date by the Dutch shipyard. Its spectacular interior design is modern, refined and unpretentious, but with exquisite details.


Monaco Yacht Show 2013

Small submarines were a touch of extravagance at the Monaco show. For the first time, the manufacturing companies U-Boat Worx, Triton Submarines, Seamagine Hydrospace Corporation and Hawkes Ocean Technologies were present at this event to demonstrate to mega yacht owners the excitement of “underwater gliding” as they have named this new trend. The prices for these toys fluctuate between 1.5 and 4.2 million, depending on their size and depth to which they can reach.

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