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Mitsuoka Motors: Modern Cars with a Retro Personality

Federico Tibytt

The renowned Japanese automotive company creates bodies for cars—by hand and with great care—to deliver a line of products that shines for its originality and unique design.

 Originally from the city of Toyam—and founded in 1968—Mitsuoka Motors is a renowned Japanese automotive company, known for offering next-generation cars with vintage aesthetics inspired by the classic English models of the 1930s to 1960. Mitsuoka manufactures its car bodies by hand and with great care, delivering an amazing line of products distinguished for their originality and unique design.Mitsuoka MotorsThe firm’s most successful international model is the Himiko–marketed in the UK as Mitsuoka Roadster. It has enjoyed great popularity since 2008 as an excellent performance two-seater, able to offer a sportsmanship hard to find in similar vehicles. It draws inspiration from the traditional British roadsters, which featured a long front hood and a small cabin. Despite its classic look, the 2015 roadster version boasts the latest technologies: a Mazda MZR 2.0 engine of 158 horsepower, six-speed transmission and an automatic retractable roof that can pull back in just 12 seconds.This emblematic model was designed by Takanori Aoki to appeal to the taste— and meet the requirements—of European and US markets. Aoki based his design on the Jaguar XK120 line from the 1930’s. Encouraged by a high level of acceptance, the company has opened its first sales offices in the UK, where the latest version of the roadster sells for around $60,000.Mitsuoka Motors
Mitsuoka MotorsBut beyond the development of a successful roadster, the company has managed to create an exciting product line that offers very specific style solutions for different market segments, emphasizing originality and quality craftsmanship. Each Mitsuoka vehicles is handmade by a team of 45 artisans.Among the new models, we especially liked the Ryugi family sedan, which easily reveals its strong influence from the Rolls-Royce line of the 1950s. It embraces the spirit of an era when pronounced curved surfaces in vehicles were in vogue and floating circular optics flanked the huge front grilles. This retro look is complemented by a cabin whose interior is lined with leather and soft textured coatings. The mechanical reliability of this model is based on the fact that the Ryugi is built from the Toyota Corolla DBA.

Mitsuoka Motors

For younger clients and especially for the female market, the firm offers the Viewt, a car with a unique and incomparable personality, recovered from the classic design of the Jaguar Mark 2. The interior also features a vintage look, with different color leather upholstery and polished wood textures. The car offers a superb and comfortable ride since it is the adaptation of a Nissan DBA-K13 MT.

True to its philosophy, Mitsuoka offers products that engage unique aesthetic values and deliver optimal craftsmanship specially created for consumers with discriminating tastes.

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