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The 2015 Miami International Boat Show Will Showcase More Than 3,000 Yachts

Federico Tibytt

Some 2,000 manufacturers from around the world will participate in this nautical fair held from February 12th to the 16th.

Every year, the city of Miami is home to one of the world’s most important events of the yachting industry: the Miami International Boat Show. In the 2015 edition, to be held from 12 to 16 February, the leading brands will introduce their latest creations in three different venues.

The main site will be the Miami Beach Convention Center while the Navy Miamarina Bayside will be devoted to sailboats, and the Sea Isle Marina will present a free exhibition of super-yachts and motorboats.

Some 2,000 manufacturers and traders will exhibit more than 3,000 vessels, along with all the additional equipment and paraphernalia imaginable. The Miami International Boat Show is the perfect setting to meet fellow seamen—and perhaps purchase— new models, technology, or prototypes. In fact, fair organizers promote the event the best time of the year to acquire marine products since the fierce competition generated by the show benefits the consumers and allows them to get the best possible prices. See more about the latest luxury yachts available in the market today.

Here are some recommendations for sailing enthusiasts:

Gunboat 55, from the North Carolina shipyard

Miami Boat Show 2015

This is the latest model from the renowned North Carolina shipyard of the same name, which debuts a splendid 55-foot long by 25 feet wide catamaran, specially designed to sail without a crew. One of its distinguishing features is that instead of a deck divided into small spaces, this catamaran has a unique oversized deck, which conveys a pleasant feeling of comfort and convenience. If weather conditions were to become adverse, the yacht comes with a convenient sunroof and folding awnings that let the guests sail sheltered from the rain, with a visibility of 360 degrees. Inside, the ship has two large cabins with en suite bathrooms (and the possibility of adding a third if the owner requests it), and a small but elegant kitchen.

Oceanis 60, from the French shipyard Beneteu

Miami Boat Show 2015

The new sailboat concept from the French shipyard Beneteau is 60 feet long by 16.9 feet wide. This midsize jewel delivers large and comfortable deck spaces (with clean lines and stripped of unnecessary ornamentation or equipment), and gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy the sun and sea at all times. Her distinctive dark blue hull hides spacious, modern and elegant rooms inside, which follow the characteristic esthetics of sailing vessels, but with all the luxury and comfort consumers demand today. With three main cabins (an optional fourth is available) and a splendid living area, dining room, and kitchen, the Oceanis 60 can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

Bali 4.5, from the French shipyard Bali

Miami Boat Show 2015

The new catamaran from the French shipyard Bali is 44.6 feet long by 24.3 feet wide. It stands out for its spacious interior and vast covered outdoor spaces. For example, in the aft area there is a splendid 215 square-foot terrace. Its interior can accommodate two to four cabins where a minimalist style prevails highlighting noble woods in light shades, neutral color upholstering and generous windows that fill the rooms with natural light and excellent views. This catamaran concept promises comfort and livability, and the designed by the renowned naval architect Xavier Faÿ deserves kudos for its success.

These three vessels are only a few examples of the generous variety we will find at MIBS 2015, the perfect opportunity to find the yacht and the manufacturer of your dreams.

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