The Marquis & The Siren

Metaxas & Sins: The best sound equipment money can buy

Federico Tibytt

The Marquis and The Siren are two examples of the extraordinary technological, acoustic and aesthetic value of this prestigious brand, which is highly respected, especially among professionals in the classical music and jazz industry.

Metaxas & Sins is one of the most respected audio equipment manufacturers in the world, not only because of the high fidelity it offers, but also for its exquisite and avant-garde designs. The most expensive sound systems on the market can be found among its products, such as, for example, the striking “Marquis” headphone amplifier, which costs US $8,000, or the “The Siren”, avant-garde sound system, which can cost more than US $300,000.

Metaxas & Sins

Kostas Metaxas is a renowned Australian audio engineer with more than 35 years of experience in the recording and the manufacturing of sound systems industries. His amplifiers, preamplifiers and analog recording systems have been regarded as the best on the market for decades, particularly by the professionals dedicated to classical music and jazz industries.

The intention of Metaxas & Sins is to offer equipment that provides both visual and sound value to space.

The obsession of Kostas throughout his career has always been to offer a way “be there,” by providing a quality level that makes the user feel that they are actually attending a live concert. With this objective in mind, Kostas founded his company at the beginning of the 1980s, and it has been committed to the highest electronics and constructive technologies since its inception, in order to offer what he defines as “the best sound equipment that money can buy.”

Parallel to his brilliant technical development, Metaxas has been gaining importance in the design industry by producing decorative objects with remarkable personality and disruptive aesthetics. The intention of Metaxas & Sins is to offer equipment that provides both visual and sound value to space.
The Marquis

It is an exquisite preamplifier and amplifier specifically designed for listening to music with headphones. According to Metaxas, its design in the form of a skull is intended to remind us that everyone will die at some point in time, so we must cherish every moment of our lives and always strive for the best experience possible. These small sculptures are handmade by Kostas himself or by one of his sons with dedication and thoroughness that is worthy of admiration.
The Siren

These colorful speaker towers are crafted from a single block of aluminum or titanium using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, which uses a robotic arm to craft the design proposed by the sculptor. Its structure, being one piece only, gives it a rigidity and acoustic fidelity level that is impossible to achieve otherwise. Every one of the areas that contain the ceramic speakers allows for exquisite sound clarity. Its design is not only aesthetic, but state-of-the-art engineering is incorporated as well as the unmistakable vision of Metaxas & Sins. Depending on the material chosen, the price of this sound system varies between US $150,000 and US$300,000.  ■

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