Luxury Speakers With Excellent Sound Quality

Federico Tibytt

Triton One by Golden Ear, Montis by Martin Logan, and Pioneer's Elite Dolby Atmos are some of the most exquisite high-fidelity sound systems.

When selecting the sound system for a private movie theatre or, a state of the art room designed for a serious film buff or music lover, many factors come into play. The choice derives not only from the technical capabilities of the system but also with the design of the unit and features available.

Depending on your interests and tastes, there is a variety of options and opinions that will allow you to experience the distinctive qualities of sound. A perfect example of this are the differing views among those who love analog sound (based on textures), and those who prefer high definition (HD) digital sound, with its clarity of details and high fidelity.

Let us introduce you to three cutting-edge sound systems known for their aesthetics and sound quality.

Triton One
by GoldenEar

Luxury Speakers

This new product from Golden Ear features a sophisticated set of speakers arranged in simple and elegant 4.5-feet towers. Each boasts two midrange speakers with a tweeter; three oval speakers in the front for low frequencies, and three large passive bass radiators on each side of the tower. The system is powered by a 1600 watt amplifier, which delivers 3,200 watts to in both towers. Triton One boasts several sources of bass reproduction in multiple directions, resulting in a robust and pleasant sound. Esthetically, the speakers possess a harmoniously minimalist design, which can go almost unnoticed despite its enormous size. One of the best options in the market, the price is $5,000 for the pair.

by MartinLogan

Luxury Speakers

These speakers with electrostatic technology— also called “condenser speakers”—deliver perfect sound quality. Their low power level (200 watts) inside a single system dare to bring us as close as one can get to a live musical performance. This is made possible due to its midrange tweeter doesn’t have a sound box, and generates a clean and pure sound without any resonance. The sound wave is complemented by a well-calibrated woofer that reproduces low, robust and round sounds. With an elegant design and exquisite finishes, the Montis Martin Logan speakers boast an unequaled refinement. They are priced at around $ 10,000.

Elite Dolby Atmos
by Pioneer

Luxury Speakers

This sound system consists of multiple components and is fit for a grand home theater. It provides great digital fidelity, a Dolby 7.1 surround system and high wattage (its woofer alone has 600 watts). It also comes with a new feature designed to generate multiple sound layers in all directions. Capable of reproducing up to 128 audio channels, this sound system delivers a great experience and startling acoustic environments. Its modern aesthetics, high-quality materials and rounded, stylish covers further distinguish the Elite Dolby Atmos by Pioneer. The complete system costs approximately $4,000.

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