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Luxurious Humidors

Franky M.

Five humidors that can be used for more than keeping your cigars fresh: they will add a touch of elegance to any corner of your home or office.

A cigar loses its appeal when its aroma is gone. If stored in a dry environment, cigars tend to burn in an uneven fashion; something discerning aficionados find unacceptable. A good cigar should be kept in a humidifier or humidor–a box or room that maintains the suitable atmosphere and moisture for proper storage.

Keeping these jewels in good condition is a sign of distinction, style and good taste. Using a humidor also protects your investment. If you are a cigar lover, take a look at these five exclusive humidors whose stunning design contribute to the beauty, and become the focal point, of any setting.

In the style of Tomás Alía


Very well connected with the European jet set, the Spanish architect and interior designer Tomás Alía pays homage to Cohiba—his favorite cigar brand—with a seven-tray humidor lined with Spanish cedar veneer that can hold 30 Habanos and still has room for a lighter and cutter.

DeLight by Genco Berk


Austrian designer Genco Berk ‘s award-winning DeLight humidor draws inspiration from ancient Chinese coins. The body, which holds 80 cigars, sports a sleek black lacquered lid with a bronze mirror and is finished in a lacquered Zebrano wood veneer. Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is among the famous cigar aficionados who own one of these humidors that sell for about $4,400.

Fortress by Döttling


It is called Fortress and is a creation of the German high-security safe manufacturer Döttling. In addition to having 14 rotors for winding as many automatic watches, this nifty piece incorporates a humidor made of Spanish cedar with an electronic humidification system. A hygrometer and barometer provide data on humidity and air pressure, respectively. The safe, lined with calfskin, is priced from $128,800. It is available to order in a variety of color combinations and configurations. Buyers can also opt for more space for watches, cigars or other favorite heirlooms.

Grand Connoisseur by Buben & Zorweg


Grand Connoisseur is a safe made in Germany with enough space to keep much more than cigars. Manufactured by Buben & Zorweg, this air-conditioned cabinet maintains a constant humidity and includes a carousel with a free vibration engine for eight bottles of wine. It also comes with 12 rotors for mechanical watches, humidor for more than a dozen cigars and a bar. The sound system with Bluetooth HD and iPhone or iPod station is optional.

Clément for Davidoff


French artist Daniel Clément specializes in glass marquetry, a technique that uses small painted or mirrored glasses to cover the entire surface of the humidors he creates for the Swiss cigar brand Davidoff. These handmade pieces, which can accommodate between 150 and 250 cigars can be considered works of art and will cost you $19,360.

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