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Lotus Develops a New Electric Hyperauto Vehicle

Federico Tibytt

The British company, Lotus, will launch the prototype of its first 100% electric car of 1000 hp with a final price of around $2,500,000. Get to know all the details here.

Lotus is a brand of sports cars that was characterized, throughout its history, for manufacturing lightweight cars of high power and excellent sporting maneuverability. But in the last decade, the British brand has lost much prominence against the launches of other competitors such as Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche and Maserati. To guarantee a triumphant return, Lotus will present its prototype of 100% electric hyperauto in 2019, which will have a power of 1000 hp and a very high market price that will be around $2,500,000.

Lotus 3

Why is it called hyperauto?

In the international automotive industry in recent years, this new term was added to name a new segment of high-performance sports cars made with super luxury materials and prices that exceed a million dollars.

Lotus 1

The most prominent manufacturers of the segment were artisan companies that were dedicated exclusively to the development of these type of cars, such as Pagani, Koenigsegg and W Motors, to name a few. But over the years, hyperauto models from the big international conglomerates appeared such as the: McLaren F1, Bugatti Chiron, Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, McLaren Senna, Porsche 918 Spyder and the celebrated Ferrari LaFerrari.

Geely and the influence of Polestar

Currently, the main owner of Lotus, Chinese automaker company Geely, which owns 51% of the company’s shares is the same company that absorbed the emblematic Swedish brand Volvo a few years ago. The company decided to create its own brand for Volvo-derived sustainable vehicles, called Polestar. So it is not surprising that the new Lotus project is a 100% electric hyperauto that capitalizes on all the technologies and innovations developed for Polestar.

lotus omega

However, the main challenge facing Geely in this case, is the possibility of developing a car that meets the Lotus’ standards, taking into account that the high performance lithium battery pack of modern electric cars is quite heavy.

Geely found a way to counteract the extra weight by ensuring that brand identity must come first. The Omega project is equipped with independent engines that reach 1000 horsepower and ensure amazing acceleration with maximum power available from 0 RPM and maximum speeds that will compete with record models from Hennessey, Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Lotus and its development of ecological cars

In recent years, Lotus has devoted significant efforts to develop high performance models with hybrid or 100% electric consumption schemes. In fact the company has not presented new models since 2009 with the launch of Evora, and in these 10 years has only focused on improving its three flagship models and perfecting its sustainable alternative with the Evora 414E Hybrid.


A prototype of  a super sports hybrid plug-in high performance car that accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds, has a total range of 300 miles and incorporates important technological developments such as the gearbox behind the steering wheel that are associated with an electronic force management system, which simulates the engine brakes made by a conventional sports car when making recesses.

The car also comes equipped with a high-density lithium polymer battery system that ensures 100% electric autonomy of up to 35 miles and a sophisticated collision hazard detection system capable of spotting at-risk pedestrians 196 feet away, called HALOsonic.

These technologies and knowledge prompted the new Asian owners to invest millions of dollars in the Omega project and plan an expansion for the next few years that will add more than 200 employees to the classic production line of the brand in Hethel, as well as the construction of a museum and new industrial facilities that reinforce the historical value of the brand in the region and around the world.

Lotus museum

For all these reasons, sports car enthusiasts are very excited about this new stage of Lotus. In a short time we can enjoy new products such as this impressive electric hyperauto or the first SUV in the history of the brand. 

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