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Two Exquisite Pieces From Leica: The M Monochrom Silver Anniversary Camera And The Valbray Argentique Watch

Federico Tibytt

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Limited edition pieces are coveted by everyone and a source of pride for their owners. The feeling of belonging to a select group who had the wonderful opportunity to acquire an object as precious as it is rare makes those who possess them treasure them even more. And if the trophy is stamped with the mark of a cult brand, the satisfaction is exponentially greater.

This is the case of two commemorative pieces from the German firm Leica Camera AG: the Leica M Monochrom Silver Anniversary Edition Nordisk Photo M Monochrom and the Valbray Argentique watch. Find more luxury and collection pieces here.


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nordisk Photo, the brand’s importer in Denmark and Sweden, Leica will launch the model M Monochrom in a limited edition of only 25 copies. This commemorative piece offers the same features as the regular model, but its appearance and presentation will make it unique.

The Leica M Monochrom Silver Anniversary Edition Nordisk Photo M Monochrom will feature exclusive colors— the body and lens will be silver, unlike the black or white of the traditional model—and will be covered in delicate beige leather called Aztec. Its packaging, specially designed for the occasion, will include a silver lens Summilux M-1.4 / 35 ASPH, battery, charger and cables, a license to install the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and a delicate leather strap in the same hue as the camera´s body. Because it is a limited edition collectible, each of the copies will be identified by its own serial number. This model will be available only in Sweden and Denmark and will be priced at $21,000.

Also, to celebrate its 100th anniversary, Leica is launching 100 exclusive designer watches in collaboration with the Swiss watchmaker Valbray. It is the Argentique model, inspired by the art of black and white photography. This exquisite piece features an automatic chronograph with EL1 movement, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of 44 hours.


The commemorative timepiece boasts the renowned Oculus design by Valbray, with a 16-piece circular opening diaphragm in the front dial, which varies the position according to the owner`s taste. This model comes in silver or black, both with a titanium sandblasted matte texture and brown or black matte leather bracelet. Priced at $25,000, this unique piece is ideal for watch lovers and fans of the mythical German brand, which is celebrating its 100-year history.


Both the Leica M Monochrom Silver Anniversary Edition Nordisk Foto M Monochrom and the Valbray Argentique are captivating for their beauty and uniqueness, and are worthy of the taste of the finest collector.

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