Perfect Coffee at Home

Jura Giga 5, the “Ferrari” of Coffee Makers

Federico Tibytt

Swiss precision brings you the perfect cup of coffee at home every single day, and all with just the touch of a button.

Drinking a perfect cup of home-brewed coffee is a pleasure that not everyone can enjoy. Grinding the coffee, heating the water to just the right temperature, mixing the correct proportions and respecting rest times can be a process that’s often too complex to perform each morning before leaving for work. To simplify it all to the mere push of a button, Jura, the iconic coffee maker, offers the Giga 5 model, often referred to as “the Ferrari of coffee makers.”

Jura Giga 5

Just like with wine, whiskey and beer, coffee-lovers have refined their tastes, and the varieties offered by the market have educated consumers’ palates.

For this complex and elaborate infusion, there is a variety of aromas, flavors and textures that charm and entice and make lifelong devotees. Different tastes, and a growing demand for high-quality drinks, have allowed for the creation of various machines that speed up the complex processes of preparing drinks like espressos, macchiatos, ristrettos, or a perfect cappuccino, every single day. In this technological race, the Swiss are paving the way with the Jura brand, mainly recognized for its Giga 5 model.

The level of quality of the drinks obtained is comparable, and maybe even better than, those achieved in gourmet coffee shops around the world.

With elegant finishes in aluminum or “piano black” and a minimalist design aesthetic, the Giga 5 is a modern creation designed to fit into both a home kitchen or an office meeting room. At a glance, the two large containers at the top of the coffee machine are striking and have their own ceramic grinding mechanisms that mean a more even grind and less noise. In each of these containers, the barista can place different coffee beans and select the mixture, or type of blend, they want in their cup.

Jura Giga 5
Its computer system has 17 recipes that can be prepared by simple selection through the press of a button, but if you wish, you can manipulate the preferences of temperature, intensity and volumes of each of the drink according to individual preferences. All these options are managed by an easy-to-use rotary selector and a full-color display.

The level of quality of the drinks obtained is comparable, and maybe even better than, those achieved in gourmet coffee shops around the world, while the quality of materials that make up the machine are superlative, ensuring decades of perfect operation.

In the past, thinking about a home coffee machine that was over US$5,000 may have seemed crazy, but nowadays, respect for coffee has evolved so much that true coffee aficionados are able to select the most exotic beans from countries all over the world such as Colombia, Ethiopia or Brazil. This machine is perfect for the consumer who is always in search of equipment that ensures best possible day-to-day results. Jura, with its “Ferrari,” the Giga 5, provides a perfect daily cup of joe, all achieved with the press of a button.  ■

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