IMAX Home Theater: Hollywood at Home

Federico Tibytt

The system comes with access to Prima Cinema, the first service that distributes Hollywood films simultaneously at the movies or in the comfort of your home.


As multimedia playback technologies become more advanced and sophisticated, the numerous options available to create a home theater can accommodate different budgets, tastes, and needs. Here we have outlined cinema screens of enormous sizes and excellent definition, as well as professional quality projectors and luxury sound systems.

IMAX home theater
IMAX Private Theatre.

To optimize the film experience, the company ACS from New York, offers private Cinemas with IMAX movie system, at a cost of around $3 million.

Depending on the size of a family home or screening rooms for companies or institutions, ACS provides a comprehensive service that includes architectural and acoustic design, construction of the room itself, tuning of the system and a maintenance service available 24 hours, 365 days a year. For movie fans, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy—at home—the unique panoramic experience found in IMAX systems.

We are talking about a curved screen that takes over the full width and height of the room where it is installed. The images cover the viewer’s full range of vision, including peripheral vision. It is a total immersion experience, which includes 4K resolution and 3D playback, thanks to the patented system of IMAX projectors.

IMAX home theater
The layout of the IMAX Home Theater can be customized according to the client’s preferences.

Another fundamental feature of this private cinema is the spectacular sound. In this case, it involves the brand registered 7.1 surround system—the speakers are aligned to the system by laser sensors—which ensures that resonance is placed in the correct position. To provide the best experience, the speakers have built-in microphones that monitor the playback channels and perform periodic equalization.

ACS services include design, construction, fine tuning and active maintenance of the product in the states of California, New York, and Florida, all in the United States. Also, the system is compatible with cable TV playback or transmission of online content from channels like Netflix. On top of this, it also offers access to an exclusive channel publication called Prima Cinema—the first service that distributes content from Hollywood to your home, with simultaneous releases from movie theaters.

The ACS comprehensive system provides a product that builds and actively maintains a next generation movie theater for its customers, along with the availability of premieres of new films. Although this is a product available only for a few or for large companies because of its high cost, the ACS Private IMAX Theatre is the ultimate experience in private screening rooms.

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