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Icon A5: The Sky Is The New Frontier

Ana B. Remos

Kirk Hawkins set out to provide the world with what he feels is the democratization of aviation.

When we think about utmost travel privileges, flying in our own private jet comes to mind. Some of us are just as satisfied flying in first class, but the long airport lines do not discriminate and we all have to endure them. Things are rapidly changing with the introduction of the ICON V, the new amphibious light sports aircraft that can be stored in your garage. Yes, your standard suburban garage!

In 2004 the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) made a radical regulatory change by introducing a new aircraft category, the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). This decision closed the gap between less sophisticated ultra-light aircraft and larger, commercial planes. Kirk Hawkins, a former US Air Force F-16 pilot and a flying enthusiasts, after hearing about these changes, set out to provide the world with what he feels is the democratization of aviation. ICON, founded by Hawkins in Sillicon Valley in 2006, has a vision of sharing the right to an exclusive product with everyone, in the same way that big companies like Apple, BMW, Ducati, or Oakley have done.

After years of development, good intentions, and consensus from the world’s top engineers and industrial designers, ICON launched the A5. This first model is a two person aircraft that can travel on air and water. It weights 1,320 pounds, and can reach a top speed of 120 knots (138 mph). The A5, has retractable parts and folding wings that allow it to travel easily in family trips, as it can be towed by a sedan. As of today 1,000 of these prototypes have been sold throughout the world–the price is 139,000 USD. The next delivery date will be in 2016.

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