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A limited edition motorcycle with a futuristic design, and one that incorporates the latest technological innovations: two prime examples of Italian quality and technology.

Italian motorcycles are highly prized for their design, quality, and technology. The following magnificent machines, presented in 2016 by iconic companies Guzzi and Ducati are proof of the excellence of Italian manufacturing.

C2- Guzzi California 1400 by Venier Customs

The New York-based firm Venier Customs has transformed the 1400 California motorcycle—created by in 2013 by the Italian firm Guzzi—with a design that delivers a feeling of power without departing from the purest Italian canons of beauty and style.

The result is the C2- Guzzi California 1400 by Venier Customs, a limited series motorcycle that uses the full potential of the old California model with an engine of 1,400 cubic centimeters. From the onset, the aim of Customs Venier was to give the 2013 C2 a bolder design and a configuration more in line with its power.

The firm gave a curvilinear shape to the tank, a custom-made leather seat and unique handmade mufflers devised by the prestigious Italian company Moto Mass. Moreover, its luminous black color gives it a futuristic, elegant look.

But what is especially noteworthy in the C2 is the new bucket headlamp made especially for the custom seat. It has the original speedometer inside while the taillights have been perfectly fitted on the back of the seat.

Meanwhile, the rear signs are mounted on the frame and the lights—manufactured by Moto-Gadget—are in turn attached to the billet aluminum grips.

Credit: Photos byAlex Logaiski

Ducati Diavel Carbon Edition 2016

The company Ducati, founded in 1926 in Bologna, Italy, just launched one of its latest large displacement motorcycles, the Ducati Diavel Carbon Edition 2016. This new model has two mufflers made of brushed aluminum and a completely redesigned seat—lower than those typically seen in other models from the firm— which provides a more comfortable and reliable ride.

The Ducati 2016 comes in a new color called Asphalt Grey, is equipped with machine-forged wheels, and the exhaust is coated with Zircotec Ceramic.

With a weight of 205 kilograms (451 lbs), 162 horsepower, ABS brakes, traction control, and aluminum frame, this product fully expresses the nature of the Diavel concept, in which performance is combined with style to celebrate the best of Italian engineering.

This new model incorporates the latest technology by Ducati, such as Electronic Conduction Mode in its three predefined modes which can be selected from the handlebar switch.

While driving, these are programmed to modify— with immediate effect—the Diavel`s driving experience. The three modes are activated by combining several advanced technologies such as Ride-by-Wire (RBW) and Ducati Traction Control (DTC) systems.

Credit: Photos by Ducati.

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