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Gurkha: Cult Cigarettes

Federico Tibytt

Gurkha is inspired by an old cigarette tradition dating back to 1887. It is internationally renowned for their high-quality limited edition cigars and offers only the best of the best to its clients. Learn more here!

Gurkha is a high-end cigar brand internationally recognized for offering limited editions of considerable commercial value. It has reached a status as one of the companies with the most personality, offering exclusive cigars designed for customers who are willing to appreciate the product without caring for its price. The company name refers to the Nepalese soldiers who fought on the British side during the height of the Empire.GurkhaTheir product is considered the Rolls Royce of cigars, as it offers high aesthetic value, maximum attention to detail and extremely high prices. As it happens with the exquisite British automotive brand, Gurkha`s products are debatable for not catering to universal taste, and many find there is no justification for its sky-high prices.

Gurkha is a high-end cigar brand internationally recognized for offering limited editions of considerable commercial value.

The launching of every one of Gurkha`s limited editions always causes a stir in the cigarette industry, for its extravagance never fails to attract the attention of critics and consumers. For example, “His Majesty’s Reserve“— with a limited edition of 75 cases per year— has been one of the most talked about products in the tobacco market in recent years, being offered for an astronomical price that exceeds $500 per cigar.

With a Churchill shape, it is comprised of a Connecticut Maduro wrapper matured for 15 years, with 12 year old Dominican binder and filler that is aged with the finest Cognac, such as the famous Louis XIII, used by the brand for other special editions.


This super-exclusive limited edition is presented in a box of 20 units that looks like a closed book. Inside, each cigar rests inside a glass cylinder, sealed with the green melted wax that identifies “His Majesty’s Reserve“.

In fact, the look of each of Gurkha`s editions stands out for the particular designs of their boxes. For example, “Spec Ops” (evoking the abbreviation for ‘special operations’), presented as the official cigar of the US SEAL commando, comes in a waterproof hard plastic box, very similar to the boxes used to carry firearms, and inside it contains not only cigarettes but also a camouflaged combat knife and a cigar cutter especially designed for the line.

Beyond its extravagance and controversies, Gurkha is a brand of high quality cigars that bets on the top of the premium market by offering cigars of great singularity and identity; an experience that no lover of good living and outstanding cigars should miss. ■

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